Axis high security perimeter defence

Lund, Sweden

Axis Perimeter Defender forms a comprehensive, video-based solution for effective perimeter surveillance and protection.

Axis has unveiled a solution for large-scale perimeter protection with the introduction of the Axis Perimeter Defender, a high-end video analytics application for intrusion detection for the enterprise market. With this launch, Axis aims to deliver a scalable and flexible perimeter defense solution using Axis thermal cameras and optical pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras, Axis Perimeter Defender and Axis network horn speakers.

Designed for easy installation, configuration and management, Axis Perimeter Defender uses edge-based video analytics for maximum accuracy, efficiency and scalability. The application supports multiple detection scenarios including several types of intrusion detection and loitering. It specifically meets the needs of high-security perimeter protection scenarios such as power plants, chemical plants and demanding installations where there is a need to reinforce the physical access control system with reliable intrusion detection.

“Scalability is a key challenge in high-security scenarios as a perimeter may require anywhere from 10 to 100 cameras,” said Peter Friberg, ‎Director Solution Management, Axis Communications. “By performing analytics at the edge, in the cameras themselves, Axis Perimeter Defender does not depend on a central server to process the video footage. This makes the solution highly scalable, as there is no need for system redesign or expensive hardware replacements each time a new camera is added to the network.”

The application comes with intuitive management and setup tools in one single management interface. A dedicated, easy-to-use design tool simplifies the initial system layout and the installation. The central management interface allows operators to configure and manage all analytics-enabled cameras in the network through efficient and time-saving batch operations. In addition, a graphical representation of detection distances ensures that any potential blind spots are eliminated, and the entire perimeter is protected with the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

Axis Perimeter Defender is based on proven technology from Digital Barriers, a company with extensive experience in surveillance analytics. Axis Perimeter Defender has been certified for sterile zone monitoring applications by I-LIDS, the UK government's benchmark for Video Analytics (VA) systems developed in partnership with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

Axis Perimeter Defender is planned to be available in Q2, 2016.


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