Axis audio manager provides a single source solution

Lund, Sweden

With the launch of the Audio Manager C7050 Server, Axis Communications has created a single point of audio management for larger and more advanced systems, enabling organisations to enhance the benefits of audio in security, public address and improved customer experience with background music.

Axis Audio Manager C7050 Server offers a complete audio management package that includes both hardware and software. It allows users to manage and control all their network audio devices from a single user interface, including network speakers, audio bridges, microphones and horn speakers from Axis. Easy to install and operate, Axis Audio Manager is perfect for central management of audio content and scheduling in larger, more advanced audio installations that can be found, for instance, in retail and education environments.

Axis Audio Manager enables easy and efficient zone management to meet individual site needs. A multi-site retail chain can, for example, define different zones for each geographical location and its specific site areas. With zone management, the user can broadcast music, pre-recorded and/or live announcements to any one, multiple or all zones as needed. This allows users to schedule an ideal mix of announcements, commercials and background music throughout the day, week and year, in addition to making live announcements in response to specific situations when required. Content can be managed centrally, from headquarters, or devolved to individual local sites and outlets.

Axis Audio Manager requires no complicated software programming, with all IP audio devices connecting over a LAN/WAN network automatically. Users can control their entire network audio system using a computer, tablet or phone, scheduling the broadcasting of pre-recorded tracks, controlling audio volume and monitoring device operation: the system offers 24/7 status overview of all connected devices so faults can be identified instantly.

Håkan Hansson, Global Product Manager, Audio, at Axis Communications, commented: “While the use of audio is not new, advances in network technologies mean it is more flexible than ever before. This flexibility means that the benefits of audio in improving security and safety, and creating the best possible customer experience, are being realised by an ever-larger number of organisations. Effective, easy management is essential as any technology becomes more prevalent across an organization, and Axis Audio Manager delivers seamless control across our entire audio portfolio, becoming the ‘brain’ of network audio infrastructure.”

Axis Audio Manager provides a single point of management across the Axis range of network audio devices, which includes network speakers, network horn speaker, 2N SIP Microphone and the Axis network audio bridge.


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