Airlive to showcase wide range of products for Smart IoT applications

Taipei, Taiwan

Airlive, powered by Ovislink Corp., is set to present a series of Smart solutions for Home Automation, Smart Communications & Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Buildings at the Sectech show in Sweden next week, from the 21st-22nd November 2017 at the Stockholmsmassan, Sweden.

For Home Automation with high security, Airlive presents the Smart Life Z-wave IoT kits that are offered including Gateway, sensors, smart-plug and an IP camera in one box. It is flexible to use and can fulfill different requirements in various residential applications.

Airlive’s 4G/LTE outdoor gateway, industrial grade 9V~36V 4G/LTE gateway, and/or serial to 4G/LTE M2M are the ideal devices for smart communications and transportation applications. Airlive industrial ring managed or unmanaged switch, Airlive 4G/LTE and Airlive network cameras offer high resilience in system deployments for a system in smart city or smart manufacturing projects. And,  Airlive network cameras, auto-topology graphical management SNMP switch, PoE or data LAN switch, as well as industrial switches have been proven ideally for building automation and surveillance applications.


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