Vivotek Vast Security Station for rising AI surveillance demands

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek is set to officially launch its AI security system, Vast Security Station (VSS), in March, available to users in three flexible tiers: VSS Lite, VSS Standard, and VSS Professional.

VSS is a surveillance platform that combines advanced AI and edge computing technologies to achieve accurate facial recognition and vehicle detection in real-time by integrated cameras. VSS is capable of managing up to 20,000 cameras simultaneously and offers a powerful array of intelligent image analysis tools for maximum query accuracy and information security, greatly enhancing operational management and efficiency. In celebration of its upcoming release, Vivotek is offering a migration promotion from Vast 2 to VSS Professional, starting on March 8th.

"VSS is an easy-to-use AI security system. The intuitive and highly customisable interface allows users to easily add new cameras to the network, set up substations, and even enable real-time audio broadcasting. It is truly the next step in video management." explained Louis Liao, Director of Product Planning at Vivotek, "There is considerable market demand for integrated surveillance systems. However, the high barrier to entry makes it challenging to satisfy this demand. At Vivotek, we streamlined our solutions and processes to develop a scalable AI image analysis system to effectively resolve management issues and achieve seamless system upgrades for any user."

According to Vivotek's findings a survey report showed the global video surveillance software market is estimated to be worth USD 1.9 billion. Of which, integrated surveillance systems are on the rise, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) forecast of 12.7% by 2026. Moreover, the sales of edge AI cameras continue a steady upward trend, accounting for over 40% of all network cameras shipped globally.

VSS is a new-generation network surveillance solution that culminates Vivotek's superior video management software with the latest AI analysis technologies. It is conveniently divided into three editions: Lite, Standard, and Professional, to satisfy the diverse surveillance needs of the market while minimizing cost to the user. VSS Lite is the base tier and free to use, VSS Standard is designed to be cost-effective for SMEs, and VSS Professional is geared for medium to large enterprises with a high demand for 24-hour centralised management. VSS offers a range of advanced network security management tools, including data protection, comprehensive transmission and video encryption, antivirus integration, and real-time warning functionality.

VSS's powerful AI analytics makes incident prevention and post-event evidencing a breeze. Superior front-end cameras with AI image detection capabilities enable intrusions, line crossing, loitering, and other unwanted behaviors in real time. Images are then processed using Vivotek's proprietary Deep Search technology so that users can perform attribute search, scene search, and re-search across tens of thousands of cameras to accurately filter gender, age, clothing colour, accessories, vehicle type or vehicle colour at the click of a button.

Vivotek's new AI security solution, VSS, offers tiered plans to accommodate different budgets.


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