Vivotek collaborates with Tquark on access control

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek is partnering with Tquark to develop a fully integrated surveillance and access-control system. With this bold initiative the two companies will work together to make safety measures smarter and move toward the future of integrated safety and security.

To satisfy more customer needs across vertical markets, Vivotek continuously strengthens its video analytics technology, while actively expanding strategic alliances with leading international software and hardware partners, providing ever more robust solutions and value-added services. Integrating these technologies can greatly improve the security status of an enterprise, as well as the efficiency of its security responses. With the technological integration of Vivotek and Tquark, smarter and more comprehensive solutions will become available to make security technologies more effective than ever before.

Most applications for access control in the current market are related to recording employee attendance at work, such as magnetic key cards and employee time clocks. The problem with these stand-alone access control systems is that only half of the data required for optimal security is provided. Without video monitoring, using magnetic key cards or employee time clocks to allow access leaves the workplace accessible to non-authorised persons. Moreover, missing or incorrect records that cannot be tracked and proved can create controversy when confronting disputes over attendance or other labour related issues.

Unifying surveillance and access-control technologies allows for rapid search and replay of both attendance records and video recordings on the Vast 2 VMS platform, rendering these available as a reference for any disputes. Moreover, employee information, such as name, number, photo, access rights and so on, can be controlled and managed in real-time through the Vast2 platform. The system can thus not only take immediate action in any emergency and prevent accidents, but also satisfy more management needs while boosting security in the workplace.

Vivotek and Tquark have embarked on an important long term partnership. In the future, they will aim to continuously invest efforts towards project development and technology integration to satisfy more user demands across vertical markets while enhancing the competitive advantage of each other and achieving a lasting strategic alliance.


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