Tagmaster launches Easysetup app

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster has developed an app that makes it easy for traffic operators of various kinds to set up and conduct traffic surveys in various environments. The app called Easysetup can be downloaded free of charge.

Easysetup enables users of Tagmaster's traffic monitoring solutions to easily configure Tagmaster's various products located in an area or city and quickly conduct traffic surveys.

“The app is perfect for using with temporary surveys as set up is quick and simple, can be done at the roadside and make it possible to see where there are problems in traffic and where there may be less traffic. The information provided will be an important decision basis for traffic operators of various kinds and is an example of the trend towards increasingly intelligent solutions to streamline traffic flows and thereby reduce climate impact", said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

The hardware that can be easily configured from a mobile phone via the app are, for example, Tagmasters Cityradar, but also Trafficradar. In a very simple way, information from hundreds of radar sensors can thus be compiled and provide valuable information to traffic operators.

The benefits of using the Easysetup Android Application are effortless product configuration, real-time or locally stored survey, Bluetooth connectivity, portable and temporary surveys, easy retrieval of survey data and easy to share downloaded survey data from mobile phone.


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