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TagMaster is a global player in innovative Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) with a presence in the most important markets worldwide, and an emphasis on Europe and the US. The Company has a broad range of solutions and strong expertise in the relevant sensor technologies and develops data solutions aimed at improving and streamlining transport and traffic flows, on both roads and railways. The solutions contribute to the much-needed modernization of the world’s transport systems

Our data solutions and sensor products are developed to help meet these challenges by providing the accurate and reliable data needed by ITS solutions to optimize the operation of road and rail networks and significantly reducte delay and emissions and improve safety for the traveling public.

TagMaster's solutions are based on advanced homegrown sensor technologies including RFID, Radar, ANPR, Video detection and Wireless magnetometers. By combining these sensor technologies with sophisticated data analytics and cloud software for remote monitoring and diagnostics TagMaster offers turn-key detection and identification with a global reputation for accuracy and reliability. Via a total of seven acquisitions since 2015 and organic growth, the Company has developed into a leading international player with operations and customer relationships all over the world.

The Group is headquartered in Kista, Greater Stockholm. In the UK and France, the Group operates under the names of TagMaster UK, TagMaster France and Citilog, and in the USA under the name of Sensys Networks. At the end of year 2021, the TagMaster Group had a total of 137 employees and more than 700 partners in over 45 countries.

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Perimeter Protection
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TagMaster CT45 ANPR Camera

High quality imaging with On-board processing

TagMaster CT45 is an All-in-one HD ANPR camera for 24/7 plate recognition for Parking, Access Control and Security applications. Thanks to an onboard database, with email, relay, LED and Wiegand outputs, the camera can be used as a standalone Mini-ANPR system. Alternatively, utilising the JetParking server software, the cameras can form part of a full car park management suite. The camera is able to be setup in minutes, thanks to a web-based interface with intuitive wizard and colour-coded camera viewer. Furthermore, it has a HD camera sensor providing a range between 3 and 25 meters.

The high resolution also enables capture of the most challenging plates including those with half-height and stacked characters. The camera is complimented by the Jet recognition engine which is one of the fastest and most accurate in the World. The engine is supported full-time by our in-house development team. All the HD video is processed inside the camera housing, with no need to send high bandwidth video across the network. There is also no need to install high-powered ANPR processing devices.

JMS Software

When combined with the JMS software, users are able to experience a complete parking management and access control system. The system allows for Car park counting, Automated access/Barrier control, Alarm management and Ticketing integration.

Camera Key features:

  • All-integrated, running the engine inside the camera
  • Easy to install with motorized lenses and autofocus
  • PoE+ capability to reduce installation cost
  • Video stream provided in real time (RTSP)
  • Dry contact to directly control barrier
XT-1 RFID Reader

Cost effective installation

The XT-1 Reader is designed with a unique combination of high quality components for harsh environments and is extremely reliable. It also has a competitive price, is easy to install and easy to use. The XT-1 can be integrated into your existing access control and facility management software, to create a total solution designed to meet your unique needs and has a reading range up to 8 meters. The XT-1 Reader is designed and optimised for access and parking applications such as commercial & employee parking, residential areas and industrial areas. The XT-1 Reader is fully compliant with the EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-63) standard and reads all passive ID-tags compliant with this standard. The XT-1 Reader includes TagMaster’s SecureMarkID ID-Tag format, which is developed to ensure that each UHF ID-tag has a unique identity which is difficult to duplicate. The XT-1 combined with our SecureMarkID ID-Tags provides a higher level of security.

XT-5 RFID Reader

Our most advanced reader

The XT-5 is the latest, state of the art addition to TagMaster’s XT-series. The reader is tailored for automatic vehicle identification applications such as: Parking, Industrial gates & barriers, Gated communities, Road tolls and much more.

The RFID reader is easy to set up and install and is designed for outdoor use. As all TagMaster readers, it supports all major interfaces and communication protocols.

The readers have a web interface that works with modern versions of all common web browsers. The software is available in multiple languages.

The XT-5 is TagMaster’s most advanced Long Range Reader to this date and has an advanced radio design with high output power. It has a high-performance processor running Linux and supports Software Development Kit.

The reader works with and has ready, built in interface and protocols for all major system manufacturers without the need for any additional converters, which gives the TagMaster RFID readers unmatched flexibility.

The reader is intended for outdoor usage and is well suited for the toughest environments (IP 66). The reader has very high resistance towards all kinds of weather conditions, dirt, magnetic and electrical fields. It is also vibration and shock resistant.

Highlighted features:

  • Read range up to 12m (40ft)
  • Self-jammer cancellation (SJC)
  • High power radio with polarization control
  • Advanced Linux based UHF reader with PoE+
  • Additional external antenna as option
  • Dual Wiegand ports
LR-6 RFID Reader

High quality RFID Reader

The LR-6 is a 2.45 GHz RFID Reader with a read-range of up to 10 meters. With it´s ”all-in-one” design, including integrated antenna and controller unit, the LR-6 is certified and designed for outdoor use for harsh environments and is extremely reliable and is easy to install and easy to use.

The built-in controller makes it possible to integrate the LR-6 reader with other products like cameras, barriers, inductive loop detectors etc. LR-6 uses the Linux operating system and has an open platform. This enables integrators to develop and implement new applications for the LR-6 Reader using TagMaster's development environment. The LR-6 Reader is optimised for traffic and access applications as, industrial AVI, fleet management and traffic management.

TagMaster´s LR-6 reader can also be used to add further value to a client´s business. For example, it can be linked to fuel pumps or weighing scales, where the weight and ID-tag data of the vehicle are transmitted to a central host. By weighing the vehicle before and after loading/unloading, the weight is automatically entered into the system. The information can then be used for invoicing, time stamps or waste control management.

Supports several interfaces

The Reader can be configured and controlled via the Ethernet interface, either locally or remotely via an Internet connection. The LR-6 supports several standard interfaces including Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS232, RS485 and Wiegand, Magstripe.

Options for extended read range

If you need a longer read range, TagMaster also provides the LR-6XL in its product portfolio. The LR-6XL reads up to 14 metres and is an excellent choice for wide gates and access for heavy trucks which need an even longer read range for entry and exit lanes.


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