Ksenia presents worldwide release of new products

Ripatransone, Italy

Ksenia releases a variety of new products

Ksenia Security has just released its latest technological innovations including two keypads, a wireless magnetic contact and an outdoor siren.

The new Ergo-T pro indoor keypad has a 10.1” display offering an improved sharpness, it makes everything brighter and smoother in order to optimise customer experience at any time of the day or night. It offers an ideal solution to manage and monitor any aspect of the home, bringing full control of security and available automations. It can be easily installed with the provided bracket plate or flush wall mounted, making it even less invasive to match home decor.

The second keypad is Ergo-X, described as a unique embodiment of comfort and design. Thanks to the components involved in its construction and the IP65 protection rating, it is an effective solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. Its built-in membrane keys are hidden when they keypad is in stand-by mode and they become visible only when somebody approaches it thanks to the proximity reader on board. The Ergo-X can activate automation scenarios other than arming and disarming the system through Ksenia mini-tags, user PIN and by holding down the relevant key associated with a scenario (without using the PIN). The multicoloured LEDs show the effective execution of the command.

Ksenia has also developed a new wireless multifunctional sensor. The Micro Poli is probably the smallest magnetic contact you have ever seen. Its core is not just a magnetic contact; it also has includes on-board antimasking to prevent sabotage, and an inertia sensor to detect the intensity of vibrations up to the breakage of a glazed areas. It can also detect the inclination of the window frame where it has been installed, giving the opportunity to manage any type of window (inward, casement, transom windows, tilting windows etc…).

Finally, Ksenia has launched the new siren, called Vox, which is a powerful and solid outdoor siren, that can play mono or dual-tone sounds as well as voice messages that can be configured during the setup. It offers two high-brightness RGB LEDs and a third lighting LED, which can be associated with different functions according to the needs. The siren is protected from any tampering attempts such as, front cover opening, attempts to tear it from the wall, foam insulation and drilling. Two versions are available, Vox-M and Vox-C.


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