Ksenia develops new line of indoor motion sensors

Ripatransone, Italy

Ksenia has launched its first new line of Unum motion sensors Image credit: Ksenia

Ksenia Security has developed Unum-X, a line of indoor motion sensors. The Unum-X has a minimal and elegant aesthetic and has been designed to offer maximum reliability without causing false alarms.

Its innovative Tough Mod2 technology provides superior resistance to heat and moisture, ensuring a long working life even in the harshest environments. It is equipped with a rotating lens that can cover both a long radius and a wide angle, depending on the environment to be protected, making it ideal for securing both large and narrow areas such as windows, corridors and more.

This allows users to have two functions in one solution, without the need to purchase additional sensors.

Unum-X is available in two different models, Unum-X ST-DT and Unum-X DT/AM. The Unum-X ST version offers infrared detection while the Unum-X DT uses dual technology.

Both models allow the activation of the “pet immunity" function to prevent false alarms caused by our four-legged friends when the system is armed. They are available in the wired, BUS and wireless versions.

Unum-X DT/AM is the most complete and advanced version: in addition to the dual technology, it integrates functions such as anti-masking and anti-strip to prevent any attempt of sabotage or unwanted intrusion.

The sensor is Grade 3 certified for its high reliability and is also available in BUS version.

The new Unum-X sensor series is compatible with all Ksenia Lares 4.0 control panels: when suspicious anomalies are detected, the sensors immediately send a signal to the control panel and simultaneously generate a push sound notification within the Lares 4.0 user App.

A wide range of features and innovative technology allow Unum-X to meet different installation needs, making it a suitable option for intrusion detection in residential, commercial, industrial, and even in sensitive sites such as banks, museums and government institutions that require the highest level of security.


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