Vivotek wins inaugural Golden Security Award

Taipei, Taiwan

With 29 approved products, Vivotek has become the holder of the most IoT Cyber Security Certifications in Taiwan.

Vivotek has been awarded with the first-ever Golden Security Award, showcasing its cyber security capabilities in the IoT era. In the same announcement, the company stated that 29 of its domestically designed and manufactured video surveillance cameras have passed all IoT Cyber Security Standards and Testing Specifications and received the seal of certification, becoming the holder of the most IoT Cyber Security Certifications in Taiwan and a role model for the video surveillance industry.

According to Vivotek, the company continuously aims to strengthen its core cyber security strategy and actively promote the transformation of the video surveillance industry. Vivotek findings state that a recent video surveillance market global forecast to 2026, suggests the market is expected to grow from USD 42.9 billion in 2021 to USD 61.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 10 %, indicating strong market growth. Subsequently, network cameras and network recorders are indispensable components of the video surveillance market, and with that there has been growing international concern as to the cyber security safety of these products.

Vivotek Inc., which trades globally under the brand name Vivotek, positions itself primarily as an R&D company that prioritises cyber security. With the help of the government and academia, the company constantly strives to optimise its cyber security framework, improving its industrial cyber security networks, and developing company-wide security blueprints. Recently, the company has also doubled down on strengthening the cyber security of exported products in response to the rising popularity of IoT applications. In addition to increasing investments in product R&D, Vivotek also tests its products extensively in its laboratories to ensure a preliminary security standard. The products are then submitted for dual certification, thereby ensuring cyber security while remaining competitive.

The IoT Cyber Security Standards and Testing Specification is hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan, consolidating industry resources, professionals, and scholars, and IP security experts to create a set of standards to ensure the security of IP surveillance cameras and systems. The Bureau also devised the Golden Security Award to recognise outstanding vendors. Vivotek aims to continue to raise awareness towards product security and design products that meet international security standards.


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