Vivotek passes TTQS management evaluation for talent recruitment

Taipei, Taiwan

Talent is key to enhancing corporate competitiveness. Global leading IP surveillance provider, Vivotek has long been committed to talent cultivation, and the company recently passed the Talent Quality-Management System (TTQS) Evaluation hosted by the Workforce Development Agency and won the Bronze Medal Award. Vivotek has strategically integrated its talent cultivation blueprint and the TTQS to develop a well-rounded training program to enhance corporate competitiveness. In addition, a two-stage recruitment campaign will be launched in the first half of this year to reinforce an already robust team and usher in the era of AIoT.

President of Vivotek, Alex Liao, asserted, "As an R&D-led enterprise, we seek to simultaneously improve our hardware and software capabilities. We have been operating out of Taiwan for 21 years, so we fully understand the importance of recruiting and retaining talent. We see our colleagues as the company's most valuable assets and the key to business success. In the past three years, we focused on optimising our training procedures and building a systematic and progressive training framework. We also expanded our training budget, offering more hours of training this year (2020) than the last (2021). Passing the TTQS Evaluation reaffirms our dedication to talent cultivation. Vivotek will continue to promote its talent cultivation, retention, and recruitment strategies and provide greater incentives to attract the top talents in the industry."

Vivotek developed four major training academies based on its talent cultivation blueprint to provide targeted training that adds value to its employees and the company. The four schools comprise the "Intermediate Academy" that focuses on developing the core competencies of new employees; the "Leadership Academy" that focuses on enhancing the leadership and communication skills of supervisors and managers; the "Expert Academy" that offers specialised training in R&D, marketing, quality assurance, and finance to hone employees' professional and functional skills; and the "Value Academy" that offers courses on corporate culture and operational strategies to meet annual goals.

Vivotek aspires to build a happy workplace. In addition to providing benefits that far surpass legal requirements, including annual salary adjustments and holiday/birthday bonuses, Vivotek offers performance-based quarterly and year-end bonuses; domestic/overseas travel subsidies to encourage employees to expand their worldview; flexible work hours, flexible unconditional leave, career development grants, departmental dining allowance, complimentary afternoon tea, and free meals/snacks; and office gym and entertainment equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and basketball shooters. There are also various clubs and activities, including book clubs, brand and corporate sustainability events, workshops, consensus camps, and other soft training programmes. Free consultation resources are also provided to take care of company employees physically and mentally. 


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