Suprema compact reader gains SIA OSDP certification

Seoul, Korea

Suprema's compact outdoor RFID reader, Xpass D2 has according to the company, been verified by the SIA as OSDP compliant.

OSDP, or Open Supervised Device Protocol, is an open-source protocol devised to improve interoperability among access control products from different manufacturers. OSDP enables bi-directional communication between readers and controllers, an improvement from one-way data transmission of Wiegand interface. OSDP also offers enhanced security by using RS-485 protocols with AES-128 encryption that fully protects communication paths from the reader to the server.

SIA, Security Industry Association, has driven the OSDP technology by administering a comprehensive testing programme to validate if a device conforms to its OSDP standards and related performance profiles. The Security Industry Association (SIA) is a leading trade association for global security solution providers, with over 1,100 innovative member companies.

Suprema’s accredited product, Xpass D2, is an IP67 and IK08 rated compact outdoor card reader that comes in three form factors of mullion-mount, gang box and gang box with keypads. Xpass D2 is compatible not only with RFID cards but also with Suprema Mobile Access, mobile credential solution that can communicate via BLE and NFC with both IOS and Android smartphones.

“We are happy to announce that Suprema Xpass D2 acquired OSDP certification from the SIA. OSDP is an open protocol aimed to increase interoperability between different OEM products and overall security in access control systems and the certification shows that Suprema products are meeting industry’s newest and highest standards. We will be committed to making all of our products OSDP compliant moving forward,” said Hanchul Kim, the CEO of Suprema Inc.


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