Suprema focuses on integrated security solutions

Seoul, South Korea

At the recent ISC West show in Las Vegas, Suprema showcased a range of integrated security solutions.

During the show, Suprema showed a number of security solutions comprising access control devices managed by Biostar 2, an integrated security software platform. Biostar 2 links all of Suprema’s access control terminals and supports multiple credentials seamlessly including RFID and mobile, QR codes, barcodes, facial recognition, and fingerprint recognition. Biostar 2 offers a very flexible system architecture where the system can be deployed in both a traditional panel-based topology in a centralised system with its intelligent controller, the ‘Corestation’, and a distributed system by connecting the edge readers directly to the server.

The first official launch at ISC West was for Suprema was the ‘Biostation 3’, the first of its 3rd generation readers. Apart from being an access terminal that supports multiple credentials such as facial recognition, RFID, mobile and QR codes, this device also supports VoIP Intercom and real-time video monitoring features to make it a truly multi-functional reader. Its state-of-the-art facial recognition is processed by deep learning AI-based engine inside a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) making it the most powerful engine in an embedded device with the strongest anti-spoofing detection technology.

In addition, Suprema demonstrated how it plans to build its partner ecosystem by enabling integration of Suprema devices with third-party systems through Open APIs and SDKs. Also, a newly introduced cloud-based integration option offers a simple way for any cloud-based 3rd party platforms to make use of Suprema-hosted, managed devices over the cloud.

“Suprema continues to be the technological leader rolling out the most innovative and intelligent security solutions,” said Bob McKee, President of Suprema America, “Having a reputation of a top 50 global security company for the last 12 years requires commitment to technology and our services. We are committed to build our brand and invest in the North American market."


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