Ksenia focuses on innovation in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Ksenia Security will be exhibiting at the ISE 2022 Fair in Barcelona, where the company will be displaying innovative solutions for security and home & building automation.

At the show, Ksenia will take the opportunity to present the company's latest high-tech products, including the new keyboard series Ergo-T Pro and Ergo-X, the outdoor siren Vox, available in two versions, and the Micro Poli, marketed as the smallest sensor ever seen in the security sector.

The Ergo-T Pro touchscreen keypad represents an evolutionary step forward compared to the previously developed interfaces: extremely powerful, its 10.1” display guarantees high fluidity, brightness and sharpness. With an elegant and modern design, it can be easily mounted using the on-board bracket or it can be recessed into the wall, perfectly matching with the interior decors.

The second touch keyboard is Ergo-X, designed to ensure maximum security to the entrances of premises. Suitable for any type of architecture, it allows the management of arming and disarming of the security system and the possibility of handling up to 10 different scenarios. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors and its membrane keys have been designed to offer an extraordinary user experience.

Also Vox will be presented, an outdoor siren available in two versions Vox-C and Vox-M, and it can be purchased in pearl white colour. Both variants offer protection against tampering and anti-perforation attempts. In addition, they are equipped with a temperature sensor which provides the option for real-time checking on the keyboards and on the Lares 4.0 App.

Finally, Ksenia has also launched the Micro Poli, which according to the company, is probably the smallest wireless sensor on the security market today. Based on advanced technology, it is a multifunctional magnetic contact: it has anti-masking to detect the opening of doors and windows; inertial sensor, to detect vibrations and breaking of glass/windows; and it is able to precisely identify the inclination of the frame it protects, allowing the management of any type of window opening.


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