Trac-Box solution helps secure and track keys for Guaranty

Salem, Or

The Supra Trac-Box stores keys right at the vehicle, allowing salespeople to stay with their customers throughout the sales process.

Supra's Trac-Box key management solution has been selected by Oregon-based Guaranty RV Super Centers to help secure and track keys while keeping pace with a growing demand for recreational vehicle (RV) travel. Supra is a part of Carrier Global Corporation.

Located in Junction City, Oregon, Guaranty is the state's largest dealer of recreational vehicles, from entry-level tent campers to luxurious diesel-powered RVs that sell for more than $400,000. An industry publication, RV Business, has named Guaranty one of North America's top 50 dealers for six consecutive years and a top 10 dealership based on customer reviews.

"With our large footprint of 25 acres and long dark winters, it is difficult to have visibility of activity," said Marty Nill, managing partner, Guaranty. "With the Supra Trac-Box, we've improved security and gained valuable sales and marketing insights, and assigning permissions is simple. We're confident we have authorised access to our vehicles with tracking controls in place. Our vehicles are retail-ready using the Supra Trac-Box."

Supra's Trac-Box solution offers a convenient method for tracking the keys and fobs used to open vehicles. Each Trac-Box uses Bluetooth to communicate with Supra's E-Key mobile app on smartphones carried by Guaranty sales associates. They enter a PIN code into the app to unlock the keybox and acquire the keys from a built-in container.

"Each time an authorised user opens a keybox, a record of the activity is stored in both the Trac-Box and E-Key app, so managers and users can see the history of openings without having to return to the office," said André Lalande, vice president – sales, Onity and Supra. "The app also transmits activity to the Traccess Manager software to create an audit trail providing greater visibility to lock-up activities."

Traccess Manager also provides prompt visibility to the activity and frequency of RV showings, enabling management to see which RVs are most popular and reposition vehicles more efficiently. Notifications can also be set to alert management of keybox activity on specific inventory they want to monitor, for example, each time the 10 most expensive RVs are accessed.

The Trac-Box system also promotes accountability among associates and saves time looking for misplaced keys needed to show vehicles. When salespeople leave the company, managers can remove access permissions in easy, streamlined steps via any internet-connected computer or mobile device within a few minutes.


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