2021 will see accelerated automation and back to basics strategy

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2021 predictions from Reliaquest show a increased move towards automation, a back to basics approach for security strategy and a focus on mental health.

Joe Partlow, CTO at Reliaquest thinks that CISOs will rely on automation to offset the impacts of the pandemic. "The sudden switch to remote work after Coronavirus lockdowns has blurred the boundaries between work and home for millions of people worldwide. Almost a year in, IT and security teams are still scrambling to secure remote workforces, and we’ll see more breaches as a result. In 2021, CISOs must rely on better automation to fill the gaps. While more automation does not mean more tools, they must embrace key concepts to offset budget loss and keep the team moving while resources are limited."

Marcus Carey, Enterprise Architect at Reliaquest Security says that security teams will go retro and take a back to basics approach to clean up the back room. "For years, security teams have chased the “shiny new object” for data protection. While “old school” security hygiene models like offline backups were once the practice of choice, the new standard has become storing data online, where hackers are able to access and encrypt it. In 2021, security teams will go back to the basics. Next year, security teams will return to the tried-and-true method of backing up files and data offline or off-network through an established cloud service to better protect sensitive data."

Reliaquest also suggests that more companies will invest in employees’ mental health. Cyber security is a tough industry to work in. The need to be prepared for the worst case scenario at all times can cause stress, fatigue and burnout. According to the company,  a study earlier last year revealed that 91% of CISOs surveyed reported high or moderate stress, with a quarter of them saying their job has affected their mental or physical health.

To help prevent burnout and better support employees, Reliaquest predicts that companies will start investing in and providing mental health services for staff. Beyond mental health, employees want to bring their full selves to work and feel supported. It is also a consideration that companies may also start offering more robust health and wellness programmes like yoga classes, gym memberships and mental health coaching. "Small steps that create holistic mental and physical wellness will go a long way in 2021," concludes Carey.


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