Motorola affirms commitment to help Latin American communities

Chicago, Il and Latin America

The Motorola Solutions Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions, reaffirms its commitment to Latin America and the Caribbean in supporting first responder programming and technology/engineering education, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During its 2020 grant cycle, the Motorola Solutions Foundation awarded over 17 grants to charitable organisations within Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico. The grants will benefit thousands of students, teachers, first responders, first responder families and more.

Within first responder programming, the Foundation prioritises its funding to support leadership development, mental wellness training and educational scholarships for first responders and their families. Additionally, the Foundation supports programmes that introduce students, teachers and underserved populations to safety preparedness training and careers in public safety.

Miguel Angel Arango, a former soldier with Colombia's National Army and beneficiary of the charitable organisation Corporacion Matamoros, stepped on a minefield and had to have one of his legs amputated. Thanks to Colombia's education programme for disabled military officers, which is run by Matamoros Corporation and supported by the Motorola Solutions Foundation, Miguel completed his high school education and was recognised as the top student in his class.

"After the accident, I had to pick right back up where I had left off before I joined the military. My goal was to attend high school because, being in the situation of having a disability and not having a high school diploma, I was met with many closed doors. Thanks to the support of the Motorola Solutions Foundation, I was able to graduate, and this allowed me to begin my career in business administration, by which I hope to build a better future for myself and my family."

Just as it was possible for Miguel Angel, over the past five years, the dream of accessing education has become a reality for 400 soldiers with disabilities in Colombia. In the Caribbean, pursuit of higher education has also been made possible by the Foundation’s funding of a college scholarship programme administered by the ACCP (Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police), which has assisted more than 120 children of police officers and police staff. “The Motorola Solutions Foundation is committed to providing wounded first responders and children of first responders with the opportunity to continue pursuing their higher education,” said Karem Perez, executive director of the Motorola Solutions Foundation. “We’re proud to help them achieve their dreams and enable them to become future change agents in their communities.”

In addition to first responder programming, the Motorola Solutions Foundation has partnered with organisations that implement technology and engineering education programmes throughout the region, introducing primarily females and underprivileged students to the fields of robotics, computer science and design thinking.

Kihara Chaves Uba, participant in the “STEM Workshops for Youth and Online Training Program on Robotics for Latin American Teachers” project, led by the Omar Dengo Foundation in Costa Rica, shares her experience: "I made a unique product; I designed their electrical circuit, stitched it and programmed it so that it would turn LEDs on and off and make them change colour. My specialty is Bilingual Secretariat and I always thought that my future would be in languages. Now, thanks to this programme, I discovered that programming is a language that interests me and one that I am passionate about. Now I am considering dabbling in the fields of cyber security or IT”.

In addition to the Foundation’s support for first responders and technology and engineering education, the Foundation supported Covid-19 relief efforts via Glasswing International to benefit first responders. The grant award develops a programme that aims to provide first responders with access to mental health support services as they respond to the Covid-19 pandemic within Mexico and Colombia.


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