Boon Edam irons out misconceptions on entry control

Lillington, NC

In a new presentation event, JC Powell, Vice President of Sales at Boon Edam, reveals the assumptions and misconceptions around entrance security in physical security planning and how to effectively bring reliable entrance control to a facility to avoid costly risks and liabilities.

The Boon TV event, "The Key to Closing the Biggest Gap in Physical Security: Unauthorized Entry," begins by addressing the audience with two fundamental questions: (1) Do you know who is in your building at any given time? and (2) How many unauthorised people are acceptable in your facility? These two questions set the stage for reinforcing the importance of controlling access and introducing three inputs for effectively monitoring who is in a building at all times: People, Process and Technology. JC then provides examples of how organisations must balance all three inputs, and to explain how Technology (the combination of access control systems, security entrances, biometrics, cameras, etc.) directly alleviates the pressure on both People and Process.

Scalable Security: Three Levels of Entrance Capabilities

Next, the episode introduces the concept of "Scalable Security," which helps the security professional select the right entrance type for each area of their building based on the entrance's true capabilities related to tailgating mitigation - Deter, Detect, or Prevent. The true capability of an entrance will have a direct impact to the inputs of physical security: the People, Process and adjacent Technologies. Real-life case studies are shared that reveal the mistakes organizations have made before landing on the best entrance solution for their true needs.

The Future of the Entry Post COVID-19

The webinar concludes with a short discussion around the impacts of the current pandemic. JC shares how he sees the future of the entry based on his discussions with industry consultants, integrators and end users, including discussions around touchless entry, thermal cameras and antimicrobial finishes and films.


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