Acre partners with Wavelynx

Las Vegas, Nv

The Acre brands – RS2, Vanderbilt and Open Options – are launching ACT ID, a new cloud-based mobile credential application that enables organisations to utilise both IOS and Android smartphones with existing Wavelynx multi-technology readers for secure access to doors in office buildings, government facilities, healthcare institutions, schools, residences and a growing variety of enterprises.

ACT ID features zero-touch, cloud-issued credentials for enrollment into a user’s access control system.

The application does not require any subscriptions or fees, making it an extremely flexible and affordable solution that allows organizations to transition to mobile access at their own pace.

“Acre and its brands provide some of the industry’s most sought-after access control systems and solutions for customers across a variety of markets,” said Laurie Aaron, Executive Vice President, Wavelynx Technologies. “Through this integration, we’re able to provide additional functionality and risk-free mobile access solutions for end users to adopt as they update and expand their access control systems.”

“Mobility is an integral part of the goal of forward-thinking enterprise organisations, as more organisations look for way to leverage more touchless access control and seamless visitor management tools,” said Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer, Acre. “Partnering with Wavelynx across the Acre organisation allows our brands to capitalise on this demand from the market and diversify their ability to provide secure, convenient mobile security options to partners and customers alike.”


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