Vicon releases Roughneck series in response to new NDAA regs

Hauppauge, NY (USA)

Vicon Industries, Inc is launching the NDAA-compliant Roughneck Series, designed to fill a gap within the security industry and become the company's next camera line of choice.

The National Defense Authorization Act

Since Congress passed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) more than two years ago, many U.S. businesses have been faced with the adversity of removing and replacing numerous components of their security system.

Vicon states that the law, specifically Section 889, prohibits federal agencies from using “telecommunications equipment or services” from specific Chinese companies such as Hanwha, Dahua and Hikvision. The law not only includes final products produced by these companies, but also covers most components manufactured by those companies that are incorporated into the final product.

A shift in the industry

According to the company, this ban has truly shifted the way the entire security industry thinks and interacts with surveillance products. It applies to all U.S. Government prime contractors, domestic and international, spanning a wide array of industries, including corrections, healthcare, education and more.

Finding compliant and competitive surveillance technology that does not utilise any SoC (System on Chip) components from these now-banned Chinese companies has challenged many companies in this transition.

With such a short time frame to not only remove unapproved cameras but to also replace them, many companies feel limited and Vicon believes that for some of these companies it is as though they must comprise quality and or price.

Vicon Roughneck NDAA cameras

As this law began taking effect, at Vicon the engineers worked diligently to create a camera line specifically dedicated to solving the issues their government customers and prospective clients were facing. Moreover, they wanted to ensure delivering premium quality cameras at value price points.

Thus, the Roughneck Series was born. Vicon’s NDAA-compliant Roughneck Camera Series is designed to deliver exceptional quality and performance while remaining aggressively priced to compete with popular non-compliant cameras.

From robust outdoor domes to vandal-proof micro-domes, these Roughneck cameras include a variety of form factors and models, making them an ideal solution that can be tailored for any market.

Available as two complementary series – the Roughneck and Roughneck Pro – these premium cameras are available in 2 MP and 5 MP resolution models, with ultra-high definition 4K options available for the Roughneck Pro.

Distinctive features

All Roughneck cameras promise a range of distinctive features, including smart IR, durable IP67/IK10 construction and smart H.265 encoding to reduce bandwidth and storage costs. For more cutting-edge capabilities, the Pro series adds advanced AI-driven analytics, adaptive IR for clearer images in darkness and Starlight low-light colour imaging in the 2 MP dome and bullets.

These Roughneck cameras provide exceptionally clear images around the clock. During the day, true WDR overcomes the most challenging lighting conditions. At night, adaptive and smart IR deliver evenly distributed IR light and auto-exposure algorithms to ensure background details don’t go unnoticed.

The Roughneck Pro series goes a step further, providing starlight colour imaging in the darkest lighting conditions, allowing for colour identification of subjects of interest.


Vicon understands the urgency in finding solutions that integrate without stressful time-consuming installations regardless of the VMS. The Roughneck Camera Series offers seamless transition into any video surveillance security operation because they are ONVIF certified.


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