Payment through facial recognition is here - Japan Expo 25

Tokyo, Japan

NEC Corporation will be introducing a face recognition payment system at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan to be held from April to October next year. In-store payments using face recognition and additional face-based authentication for admission management promise to improve user convenience through hands-free payments, and will ensure safe, secure and efficient Expo operations by preventing identity theft.

In addition, as part of the Expo 2025 Digital Wallet, a proprietary electronic money, “Myaku-Pe!", will be offered as a face recognition payment service at Expo site stores equipped with Stera terminals. A Stera terminal is a stationary all-in-one payment terminal that can handle a variety of payment methods with a single terminal. If a ticket holder registers their facial information and payment method, they are able to make payments without using smartphones or cards by simply going through face recognition at participating stores. Myaku-Pe! or credit cards may be selected as payment methods. This is the largest store payment system in Japan that links electronic money and face recognition, based on the number of face registrations and the number of stores using face payment during the implementation and operation phases, according to NEC in May 2024.

The admission control system is intended for Season Pass and Summer Pass ticket holders. 51 admission gates at the entrances to the Expo site will be equipped with face recognition to prevent impersonation through ticket lending and borrowing, etc. When a person with a valid pass enters the Expo site, a QR code on their ticket is read by a gate, and then additional face recognition is performed by a camera installed at the gate. The number of registered visitors is expected to reach 1.2 million, making it the largest face recognition service provided by NEC in Japan.

In addition, Season Pass and Summer Pass ticket holders will be able to use both the on-site payment and admission services with a single face registration, providing a comfortable and convenient experience at the Expo site.

The service is available to customers who have registered and agreed to the use of their biometric information. All personal information, including facial images, will be safely stored within a platform in Japan. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose without an individual's consent.

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