OT Systems' PoE media converters for outdoor transmission

Hong Kong, China

These PoE media converters are effective for use in outdoor applications requiring long-distance data transmission.

Throughout most of the world, city governments are rapidly turning to IP Systems for new video surveillance installations in bustling city centres and for remote traffic infrastructure due to its promise of excellent image quality, flexibility and remote accessibility.

One limitation of Ethernet is distance. Alone the Ethernet systems are limited to 100m, but, to break through the limit, installers can use media converters to extend the distance by tens of kilometers using fibre cable. Another challenge with Ethernet systems is getting power to remote locations but the IEEE standard 802.3af and 802.3at enable IP devices to obtain power over the Ethernet cable. The good news is that now almost every IP device supports the standards and no longer requires an extra power point to operate.

OT Systems, a global leader in transmission systems for security and industrial applications, provides a series of PoE media converters perfectly designed to support city centre and traffic applications using Ethernet for transmission. The OT Systems PoE media converters support both single mode or multi-mode options and feature 1/2 core fibre connections, extend the Ethernet transmission up to 20 Km on a single-mode fibre and are designed to power security cameras, access points or IP phones. With rugged case design, the PoE media converter series is suitable in remote locations and extreme weather environments, tested to withstand a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F). The ET1111PpH and ET1212PpH support high power PoE which provides a maximum of 30W output to power hungry IP devices such as PTZ cameras. The ET1111PpH-S-DR and ET1212PpH-S-DR are built specifically with the ET1212PpH-S-DR feature offering Gigabit Ethernet conversion for high transmission data rate applications.

The PoE media converter series integrates seamlessly with the rack-mount, multi-channel media converters (ET8181-S/ET8282-S & ET161161-S/ET162162-S) to support high density fibre connections within a limited space. Both ET1111PpH and ET1212PpH can be installed in the MR-C10 (19” Rack for Micro-type Products) with a maximum of 10 units to increase system reliability. The PoE media-converter series works with the optical Ethernet switches to provide cost-effective solutions for long distance connections with distribution and core switches.

OT Systems’ PoE media converter series are ideal for outdoor applications requiring long-distance data transmission and can be placed in almost any location without the added expense and challenges associated with laying power cables or installing power points.


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