OT Systems demonstrates AIoT technology in HK

Hong Kong. China

On invitation from the Hong Kong Science Park, OT Systems has joined the Intelligent Traffic Solution (ITS) Day to demonstrate the AIoT technology of obtaining big data for smart city infrastructure planning. Their sensor devices and mobile station once again will aim to demonstrate it mobility, as it is able to be installed anywhere in good time without any civil works.

OT Systems offers an active solution, with high accuracy that can ease the burden and assist frontline officers in re-enforcing action against traffic contraventions. With automated illegal parking detection via AI video analytics, users can detect parking of every vehicle type in a specific area beyond a period of time and offers real time alert monitoring. 

Other system features are intrusion detection which helps, monitor traffic and suspicious activities and alert administrators; car plate and car type recognition, is able to capture car plate details and type of car to ensure the vehicle is registered and licensed; Speeding detection, designed to detect speeding violations and step up to law enforcement; and people counting is designed to measure visitor numbers in a given area in order to assist in the analysis of trends and locations where people congregate.


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