New Sony 4K cameras address challenging scenarios

With compact dimensions the EV9500 Series camera blocks can be incorporated into space-constrained application settings.

Sony’s imaging division has announced the availability of further additions to its popular FCB video camera offering. The new EV9500 Series consists of three different models, with each being based on the company’s 4.17M pixel 1/1.8-type Starvis CMOS image sensors.

The EV9500H has an HDMI output, while the EV9500M and EV9500L have MIPI and LVDS interfaces respectively. All three of these camera blocks feature a 30x enhanced optical zoom, plus a 12x digital zoom - with no image deterioration being experienced when these functions are used.

The Starvis CMOS sensor integrated into the EV9500 Series camera blocks has an anti-reflective coating which mitigates ghost effects and ensures that images are captured correctly (without the risk of vital information being missed). Its elevated spectral sensitivity performance in NIR/IR frequencies means these cameras are highly optimised for surveillance deployments.

The proprietary cell structure and circuit technology employed in the EV9500 Series design, according to Sony, enables much higher sensitivity levels than those that can be attained by conventional cameras - with a 50dB image signal to noise (S/N) ratio being exhibited. This means that these units are particularly well suited to use in low light environments. They also feature next generation image stabiliser technology, which leads to increased blur suppression when exposed to heavy vibrational forces. The noise reduction (NR) function removes both random and non-random noise from the acquired images, while low focal plane distortion capabilities combat the image warp that would normally occur when dealing with rapidly moving subjects.

Depending on the situation, the visibility enhancer (VE) function incorporated into these camera blocks makes the darker part of a captured image brighter and automatically corrects the brightness/contrast values to show brighter parts more clearly. When operating in wide dynamic range (Wide-D) mode, captured images are divided into different sections for correcting blocked-up shadows and blown-out highlights in accordance with the intensity difference.

With compact dimensions (measuring just 56mm x 64mm x 125 mm), the EV9500 Series camera blocks can be incorporated into space-constrained application settings. Among their key uses are in security systems, drones, shipboard imaging equipment, automotive imaging systems, automated guided vehicles and industrial monitoring infrastructure.

They can be powered by a 7.0VDC to 12.0VDC source - with the EV9500H drawing 6.3W, the EV9500M drawing 6.8W and the EV9500L drawing 7.8W when their motors are in operation. A working temperature range of -5°C to +60°C is supported, with an internal temperature measurement sensor incorporated to provide ongoing monitoring.


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