Industrial M12 switch for LVDC railway applications

Taipei, Taiwan

Korenix is introducing its new industrial unmanaged M12 Ethernet switches - Jetnet3508-LVDC and Jetnet3508G-LVDC. The new industrial switch line is designed for IP surveillance in harsh environments, especially in applications that require low voltage, such as Light Rail Transit, automatic vehicle, stacker, etc. The switch system supports multiple types of input voltage to adapt to different train electrical power systems.

The industrial unmanaged M12 switch comes with gigabit and full gigabit selection. The Jetnet 3508- LVDC is equipped with 1 Gigabit and 7 fast ethernet ports, while Jetnet3808G-LVDC is equipped with 8 full Gigabit interfaces. Also, it is designed with rugged M12 connectors in order to meet multiple railway standards, allows 10K bytes Jumbo Frame for large file transmission and, can also operate in -40~75℃. With multi-backup features, the Jetnet 3508G series can be used to construct an IP surveillance network on the train, to ensure passenger's safety and improve train network reliability.

Korenix industrial unmanaged M12 switch comes with a selection of different models. The M12 series are divided into PoE and non- PoE and a device is also offered for LVDC environments. The multiple switch and models are adapted for different types of vehicle/ railway systems and are able to fulfill the needs for different applications.


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