New generation of buried perimeter security released

Shoham, Israel

The new Invisifence Plus from Sensoguard is thought to be an industry first for the buried perimeter system market.

Sensoguard, an Israeli based manufacturer of intrusion detection systems, has released a new generation of the company's buried perimeter security system.

The company has just been recognised by Frost & Sullivan as the product leader in the underground defence sensors market for 2021, and has now taken another step that it believes sets a new standard for the buried sensors market.

The Invisifence Plus is a smart buried sensor cable for perimeter intrusion detection. The InvisiFence Plus system has been designed to eliminate the need for local processing units along the perimeter line, and is thought to be the first and only fully digital buried seismic system for perimeter security.

The Invisifence Plus buried sensor cable creates an invisible perimeter security system around the secured area – one that, according to Sensoguard, is impossible to dig under or jump over.

It is in built with adaptive self-learning algorithms (patent protected) with what the company terms as an exceptionally high recognition level of diverse threats. It is also able to distinguish between various threats above or below ground – for example, footsteps, moving vehicles, digging and more.

Tomer Levy, CEO of Sensoguard said, " Using our 10-years experience with our previous generation of Invisifence systems, we have been able to minimize our processing unit to a small chip that is now embedded on each sensor. Using the new system, together with our channel partners, we will all be able to perform manufacturing, installation, and stock management more efficiently."


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