Mobile solution plus big data creates construction site solution

Hong Kong, China

The construction industry lays the foundation for national economic and social developments. However, various problems often occur due to limitations of the construction environment, faulty management of equipment and materials, and poor awareness of public safety. Therefore, ways to ensure safety of construction workers and proper management of building materials have been a major aim of construction units and respective departments. To maintain progress and efficiency, installation of video surveillance is needed to remotely monitor construction sites to allow instant communication between workers and immediate handling of emergencies.

In most cases, there are different key monitoring areas at each stage of a construction project. During the excavation stage, surveillance is required to ensure safety of workers digging in deep pits; whereas during the ground construction stage, the focus lands on people working at the scaffoldings. Other projects, such as landscape construction, often lack fully equipped barriers, therefore security personnel are needed on-site to guard the entrances as well as off-site for remote monitoring of the whole area. With the above examples, it shows that monitoring positions adjust according to each project and its stages.

Nowadays, most enterprises adopt the traditional wired video equipment, this often takes up more manpower and time to monitor the images. OT Systems offers the solution that combines mobile surveillance and AI-video based big data analysis that is effective for IoT applications on construction sites.

The mobile surveillance system is an “intellectual” solution which is equipped with intelligent video analysis technology with a linkage warning function. The integration of a smart surveillance system provides higher efficiency.

AI video analysis can provide calculations for applications to assess behaviour recognition and also to recognise and make judgements on  people, objects, events, and behaviours on screen. Under certain conditions, the rapid deployment system will not only show a warning but will also return back to the control centre or designated department simultaneously.

There are usually three key points of interest on a construction site: building material and management of site staff, labour safety, and overall construction progress.

Utilising rapid deployment enables management to automatically recognise: quantity of people or objects, external appearance of people or objects such as staff wearing helmets or not. The target's clothing colour, and so on. Or equally an event could be triggered by the detection of movement of people or objects, regional behaviours, and so on.

AI video analysis is helpful for providing immediate information on a surveillance image. Through deep learning it can filter important messages and that can then in turn contribute to initiating an investigation process. Big data collection via the rapid deployment of the AI video analysis makes the construction site safer for the future.

The mobile surveillance system includes three parts – recording facility, wireless transmission systems and monitoring centres. An IP camera is used for live image collection and encoding. The coded information is then transmitted to the monitoring centre via the wireless transmission system stored in the unit. The real-time video recording can be viewed through an app on mobile devices or PC laptops.


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