Milestone launches new X Series

Copenhagen, Denmark

Milestone Systems is set to launch the Milestone Husky X2 and X8 NVR hardware platform with scalable VMS.

These products give Milestone clients the possibility to design small or very large business video solutions using the Milestone Husky X-series NVR’s as scalable high-performance building blocks.

This keeps the total cost of ownership down as less hardware is needed for a given installation compared to of-the-shelf standard servers. Less hardware means lower operational costs as fewer servers are needed. Reducing the number of servers also saves on power and cooling.

The X series of NVR achieves this high performance thanks to hardware acceleration where system performance can be boosted just by having the graphics processor taking over the heavy lifting in decoding video, leaving room for the system to handle other tasks.

The X-series are based on industry standard hardware and software which means, according to Milestone, that these NVR’s are easy to keep hardened in a cyber security context.

Meeting the user demand for highly available video systems, the Husky X-series is built to be as fail safe as possible using redundant components for all relevant subsystems.The demands for high performance are met thanks to optimised hardware design.

Two models will be available at launch, firstly, the Milestone Husky X2 with two hot-swappable hard disks and integrated PoE+ switch and with support for up to 133 cameras (720P @ 25 FPS, 2Mbit/s), and the Milestone Husky X8 that has eight hot-swappable hard disks and dual 10 Gbit/s network interfaces. The internal storage on this model can be expanded with external storage arrays connected via high speed fibre channel over ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI connections. Husky X8 supports up to 780 cameras (720P @ 25 FPS, 2Mbit/s) with a maximum recording rate of 1.828 Mbit/s. This high performance is a reached thanks to a 4 core Intel Iris Pro CPU (Graphics Processing Unit) facilitating hardware acceleration and a server grade motherboard design. More info

The systems are highly configurable regarding hardware and software, making it easy to meet customer needs for the Milestone community partners. Both units are preloaded with Milestone Xprotect VMS and support all current versions of Milestones VMS, making it possible to use them in larger centrally managed multi-unit installations, or as stand-alone units. Building blocks for perfect solutions

Milestone is currently extending the focus for integrated business video solutions. The recently announced Milestone System builder program is a part if this. This program gives the Milestone community a wide selection of appliances with XProtect and a choice of different service plans. The Milestone X-series of NVR’s are designed by Milestone as dedicated high-performance building blocks in a business video infrastructure with Milestone driven service and support.

Milestone Husky X2 and X8 will ship in fourth quarter of 2018.

The new Milestone products are being showcased at the GSX 2018 show in the US and at Security Essen 2018 trade show both taking place this week.


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