Innovative Ergo X Bus keypad from Ksenia

Ripatransone, Italy

The latest new innovation from Ksenia Security has already encouraged great interest from all over the world, the the extent that the new BUS keypad, Ergo-X, has been nominated to the GIT Security Award 2023 for the category D- Access Control & Anti-intrusion System.

The brand-new BUS keypad is an effective combination of Italian design and comfort, and is suitable for any type of architecture, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its IP65 certification level and the quality of its materials, which ensure protection against weathering.

It has hidden membrane keys becoming visible only when approached, and by applying a light pressure on the keys, it is possible to activate up to 10 scenarios involving security, home automation, and access control tasks also through Ksenia mini-tags.

It has an RFID reader, fully compatible with Ksenia mini-tags, and an RGB LED to associate different colours, such as blue, red, yellow, green, purple, according to the selected scenario.

It is also protected against sabotage attempts, and in case of sabotage it will immediately send a notification, in order to guarantee high level of security.


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