Idis releases safety and security ebook for hotels

Brentford, Middlesex (UK)

The latest educational ebook from Idis highlights why it is crucial for hoteliers and hospitality owners to take advantage of next generation video technology to improve operational agility in turbulent trading conditions. The educational guide highlights how comprehensive video tech can address a range of hospitality challenges and positively impact the bottom line.

Written to support security and safety planners and help their systems integrators understand how to address a range of challenges using the latest video tools – including strengthening security, enhancing guest safety and improving operational efficiency – can be found in the company’s latest eBook: Meeting the needs of the European hospitality sector with cutting-edge video tech.

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the European hospitality sector is facing continued pressure from rising energy costs, inflation, and the cost-of-living crisis. As a result, hotels need to consider how they can enhance their agility and resilience as well as respond to changing customer requirements.

Safety and security are still viewed as a top priority by guests and are often key factors for VIP and corporate customers when selecting their place to stay. Any security failures can quickly lead to direct losses, including rectification costs, reputational damage, and loss of future business. For instance, theft continues to be a significant problem for hoteliers, including not just guests’ property being stolen but hotel property as well. A survey by Wellness Heaven stated that “luxury hotel larceny is rising precipitously” with mattress theft having increased by 35% in the last three years and television theft rising by 11%.

Well-designed video systems are one of the most effective tools to combat any safety and security risks, especially when they are integrated with other building management and back-of-house systems.

In addition, the latest generation of video solutions deliver benefits that provide hotels with a competitive advantage from a business perspective as well. For competitive hotels, video is no longer just used to reduce costs and cut risks, but to improve service delivery and efficiency in a way that is adding competitive value to the customer offering. For example, AI-powered video analytics can be used for queue and occupancy monitoring to alert managers to divert staff appropriately, as well as heatmapping historic data to understand peak times and streamline operations to guarantee a consistency of service.

“The new educational ebook from Idis highlights how video technology can be utilised to help the hospitality sector continue to evolve and modernise,” says James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe. “Our experience working in this sector has shown that the latest generation of video solutions can not only enhance safety for hotel staff and guests and increase the protection of property and assets, but also improve operational agility and business resilience.”

The Idis Europe Hotels eBook can be downloaded and the Idis website also includes a growing library of resources and reference materials to support technology decision makers.


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