Hochiki launches in Danish market with approvals

London, UK

Following its successful DBI certification via Hochiki Europe based in the UK, the new L@titude life safety system combines the company's very latest hardware and software.

Leading Japanese life safety manufacturer, Hochiki, has launched in the Danish market with its most powerful and sophisticated fire control and indication system yet, L@titude. Following Part 13 certification which then paved the way for DBI approval, this market leading system uses an interface which is available in multiple languages, simple to use and understand.

Following its successful DBI certification via Hochiki Europe based in the UK, the new L@titude life safety system combines the very latest hardware and software and can offer Danish building, health, and safety managers with a powerful and sophisticated software solution. Monitoring and control over fire detection, along with comprehensive fire risk and incident management will be easier than ever, and where time is of the essence, users can respond quickly and efficiently to a fire event.

The flexibility of the L@titude platform is such that it can be re-configured to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings. The L@titude platform is designed to add value to System Designers, Integrators, Service Providers and End Users/Building Owners. Developed from the ground up by the Hochiki group’s leading design team and, according to the company, using some of the most advanced technology available, L@titude is designed as one of the most powerful, intelligent and technically robust fire alarm products available.

The modular nature of the L@titude system allows all field wiring to be connected to a passive mother board enabling addition, re-configuration, or replacement of all electronic hardware without the need to disconnect any field wiring. This modularity also allows each panel to be customised with addressable loop detection circuits, conventional detection circuits, relay cards, additional sounder outputs or programmable I/O modules as required.

Max De Vries, Europe Export Sales, Western Europe commented: “With L@titude now being DBI certified our Danish customers know they are specifying the absolute best in life safety equipment. L@titude uses the most sophisticated fire safety technology on the market and we are excited to offer this technology into this new market for Hochiki. L@titude along with its software solution Lati-View will play a crucial role in safeguarding Danish people, valuable information, and property.


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