Hikvision launches Easy IP 4.0 cameras and NVRs for SMBs

Hangzhou, China

Hikvision is releasing a new range of Easy IP 4.0 cameras and NVRs, building on the capabilities of the company's Easy IP 3.0 range, these new devices provide simple, practical and affordable surveillance solutions for small and medium size businesses.

The Easy IP 4.0 products are built on Hikvision’s H.265+ smart codec, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50% over H.265, delivering major IT savings for small and medium size businesses.

As an additional benefit, the Easy IP 4.0 range introduces a number of new technology innovations to help businesses maximize their surveillance and security. These include, integration of Hikvision Acusense into Easy IP 4.0 IP cameras and NVRs, to helps filter out false alarms with more than 90% accuracy, and faster reaction to real security threats. Hikvision Acusense works by detecting humans or vehicles, and effectively filters out false alarms triggered by natural movements, such as rain or leaves. With automated strobe light and audio alarms, Hikvision Acusense-enabled cameras also deter would-be intruders before a security breach occurs. 

In addition, the Hikvision Acusense cameras also incorporate Hikvision's “Powered by Darkfighter” ultra-low-light illumination technology, which provides effective surveillance images, even at night. Combined with ultra-high-definition video capabilities, Powered by Darkfighter ensures that organisations can identify and react to security threats effectively, and provide reliable video evidence in the event of a security breach.

As an extension to Hikvision Acusense, Easy IP 4.0 NVRs offer a “quick target search” feature that allows security teams to find footage quickly in the event of a security incident. This saves many hours for teams who would otherwise search for footage manually.

Easy IP 4.0 Colorvu cameras use warm, supplemental lighting to deliver bright colour video images, even at night. Round-the-clock colour-boosting capabilities are powered by an F1.0 super aperture, a more advanced sensor, warm supplemental lighting, and a range of other technologies. With brighter, more colourful video, Easy IP 4.0 Colorvu cameras support protection against security breaches whenever they happen, day or night.

The new Easy IP 4.0 Colorvu cameras can be paired with one of Hikvision’s Acusense-enabled NVRs to minimize false alarms, and speed up target searches.

Easy IP 4.0 cameras and NVRs provide high-grade, cost-effective surveillance solutions for small and medium size businesses.

Frank Zhang, General Manager of International Product Marketing Department at Hikvision, said, “In the past, surveillance features such as ultra-high-definition video, night-time colour video and automated strobe light and audio alarms were out of reach for many smaller organisations. Now, with the Easy IP 4.0 range, we have now made these features accessible to small and medium size businesses, helping them achieve much higher levels of site security.”

The new Hikvision Easy IP 4.0 product line will be available in Q3 2018 and will be on show at Ifsec International in London next week.


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