HID Crescendo extends reach to full contactless

Austin, Tx (USA)

HID Global's Crescendo smart card family now supports HID Iclass credential technology. The cards enable users to seamlessly unlock doors, data and their computers via a single high-assurance authenticator that supports an organisation’s Zero Trust security strategy.

This latest upgrade extends the benefits of HID Crescendo cards as an all-in-one solution for physical access and strong authentication to the digital workplace, on-site and remote.

The Crescendo C2300 smart cards enable organisations to issue a corporate ID badge that functions as a universal credential, supporting Fido, PKI and Oath, as well as providing options for Seos, Prox, Mifare and now Iclass for physical access. Key elements within HID Global’s Identity and Access Management multi-factor authentication ecosystem for the workforce, Crescendo cards and USB keys can be managed with the HID Workforce ID cloud-based platform when printing badges, issuing PKI certificates and enabling Oath-based authentication to IT systems and networks.

Adding HID Iclass 32K credential technology to the HID Crescendo C2300 cards extends user options for a full contactless access experience. A similar experience is also provided with HID Seos, HID Prox and Mifare Desfire EV1 technologies on dual-interface C2300 cards. Contactless technology enables users to simply tap their cards to open a door, authenticate to Windows, VPNs and cloud applications, or encrypt and sign data.


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