Dallmeier focuses on video solutions for logistics

Regensburg, Germany

Dallmeier electronic will be a sponsor of the Logistics Summit 2020, at Hannover Messe this autumn, where the company will present an extensive portfolio of video-based solutions for users in both the intralogistics and transport logistics sectors. Dallmeier's logistics expert Christian Linthaler will complete the manufacturer's presence with a technical presentation.

One major challenge for many logistics companies is that of measuring the large number of packaged goods accurately and efficiently. At the same time, it is also essential to identify incorrect or erroneous information and to organise workflows with as little loss of time as possible. The solution for "on-the-fly" volume measurement developed by Dallmeier addresses exactly this issue: Special 3D video systems measure the cargo volumes almost instantaneously, and users can define an existing travel path as the measurement section.

The unique Panomera camera technology enables logistics professionals to have considerably better control over a wide range of processes: From monitoring production lines in assembly through comprehensive documentation of the transfers of risk and up to more efficient control of the flows of goods and information. The remarkable feature of the manufacturer's patented Panomera "multifocal sensor technology" is that it can capture very large spatial contexts while using up to 90% fewer camera systems. This reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improves the detection and tracking of lost or misplaced packaged goods.

The misplacement of consignments is another known challenge which is encountered particularly in packaged goods logistics. The tracking system developed by Dallmeier enables automated searching and localisation of the freight goods through the automatic linking of video images with packaged item numbers. Time servers carry out a frame-specific synchronisation of the various scan events, thus enabling rapid assignment of the corresponding video sequences. This in turn reduces the amount of time spent tracking packages many times over.


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