Dallmeier focuses on smart airport security

Regensburg, Germany

At the 2nd World Airport Operations Summit, Dallmeier will present video-based solutions for informed, safe airport operation

Dallmeier, a leading German manufacturer of video information technology, will present video-based solutions for safe, informed airport operation at the 2nd World Airport Operations Summit on 2 and 3 June 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. The company presence will also include a presentation by Dallmeier's airports expert Karlheinz Biersack.

Two cameras for total control on the runway

From systems for terminal surveillance, apron and runway protection to "Virtual Tower" solutions – Dallmeier offers airports an extensive portfolio of video-based solutions for highly sensitive areas to enable better tracking of processes and a better understanding of the security situation at the airport. The heart of this offering are the manufacturer's patented Panomera multifocal sensor cameras. They intelligently combine the images from as many as seven detail sensors and one overview sensor in a camera system to make one high-resolution complete picture. So airports are able to have even vast expanses and long distances captured in precisely defined resolution with a minimal number of cameras. Thus for example, two Panomera cameras are all that is needed to capture an area of almost 150,000 m² on the apron or monitor a runway several kilometres long.

“Augmented View“ through integrated data

The patented concept of the multifocal sensor systems also offers the police, air traffic controllers, or even security personnel the ability to navigate through an entire simultaneously yet independently of each other, and to open any number of zoom windows as necessary, without losing the total overview. At the same time, "Virtual Tower" solutions are also made possible by coupling several Panomera systems together.

For maximum "situational awareness" the Dallmeier Hemisphere software platform also introduces the possibility of showing an enormous variety of information dynamically in the camera image, such as individual aircraft identification, GPS data and infrastructure information.


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