Dahua unveils new video conferencing system

Hangzhou, China

Dahua Technology has just launched its DH-VCS-TS20A0 video conferencing system, a revolutionary all-in-one video conference endpoint designed for huddle and small-sized meeting places.

With the increasing need for global collaboration, video conferencing is becoming an economical way for long-distance visual communication. The DH-VCS-TS20A0, as an integrated system, adopts compact design, built-in full-HD camera, wifi access and strong compatibility, bringing users a life-like face-to-face experience in any meeting scenario.

The TS20A0 is a compact system featuring rich functionalities in space-efficient design; it combines a full-HD PTZ camera, codec, microphone and speaker together in one device. Benefitting from a 1/2.7” 2.1MP CMOS sensor, 1080P full-HD video is always available, and a fast, accurate, and stable auto vari-focal lens with 10x optical zoom and a max. 63° wide-angle also help capture wider images. Meanwhile, it enables real-time information sharing, allowing users to transmit and receive video or documents simultaneously.

Without the need for purchase of external expensive MCUs (Multipoint Control Units), the TS20A0 offers smooth connection with various third-party cloud platforms, such as Starleaf, Zoom, and Bluejeans, which makes meeting access via the cloud easy. Additionally, the TS20A0 supports meeting recording onto USB drives, enabling convenient real-time meeting archiving for further reviews.

Being equipped with the new generation of H.265 encoding technology, the TS20A0 adapts to different networking requirements and provides high quality images even over low bandwidth connections. Moreover, conforming to ITU-TH.323 and IETF SIP communication standards, it supports industry standard A/V encoding technologies and achieves seamless interconnection with products that meet international standards, thus guaranteeing successful global communication.

Undoubtedly, for users who need to promote the efficiency of communication and reduce extra operational costs, saving more time which can be spent with family instead of business trips, the DH-VCS-TS20A0 video conferencing system could be an ideal option.


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