Axis launches new version of Forensic Search for Genetec

Lund, Sweden

Axis improves metadata for Genetec with Forensic Search enhancements

Axis Communications is releasing a new version of Axis Forensic Search for Genetec offering improved metadata including object attributes as well as object type. This seamless integration is available for free as a one-time installer. Designed to accelerate forensic investigations, it ensures an efficient way to search for, recover, and share vast amounts of video evidence without any servers.

Axis Forensic Search for Genetec version 2.0 offers a smarter way to search for, recover, and share video evidence. For instance, it’s now possible to efficiently pinpoint a specific vehicle based on its colour attributes. In addition to colour, the metadata attributes also describe object shapes for example license plates and human faces. Using metadata attributes about the shape of license plates makes it possible to detect vehicles without plates. Additionally, when connected to a public viewing monitor, it is possible to detect human faces and highlight them within bounding boxes. This can be used to help optimise security resources in-store while letting would-be thieves believe they are being monitored.

This serverless, edge-based solution provides metadata to be used as search criteria in Genetec Security Center. It helps VMS operators save significant time and costs when performing forensic search and reduces analysis time from hours to minutes.

Among the features on the new upgrade, which is available as a free download, are: forensic search without servers, metadata attributes that describe colour and shape, easily filter search results, quick and secure video evidence sharing.

With intelligence at the edge, Axis Forensic Search for Genetec offers actionable insights and is available for a growing range of Axis deep learning cameras. 


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