Assa Abloy integrates C-Cure with Cliq smart keys

London, UK

C-Cure security management solution now integrates with Cliq smart key solutions from Assa Abloy Image credit Assa Abloy

A new software integration with the Cliq Web Manager (CWM) brings even greater control and more streamlined processes to teams who deploy the C-Cure security management solution.

Key to this seamless integration is bi-directional communication and synchronisation between CWM and C-Cure software. Security managers can minimize potential duplicate work and trust that their master interface is accurate.

Automated sync saves them time, ensures transparency and accountability, and makes security workflows even more efficient. Domains, smart keys, keyholder information, schedules and audit trails are always up to date. Access management becomes truly flexible.

Efficient security management 

This powerful new integration helps teams to work smarter while enhancing the overall security of their premises. Cliq  Domains and C-Cure Partitions automatically synchronise, so access rights and audits are always current.

Synchronised employee and visitor databases improve the efficiency and accuracy of individual access control: It becomes easier and more secure to give individuals or groups access tailored to their specific needs and authority. Credentials and Cliq smart keys are easily programmed, reprogrammed or de-authorised.

In addition, contractors or visitors can receive access which expires automatically, ensuring site security is maintained. No one needs to worry about rogue valid keys in circulation. Reminders to revalidate can be automated; everyone’s access is straightforward to audit on demand, ensuring accountability and compliance.

With Cliq and C-Cure, access management become faster and more comprehensive. Users are assigned the access they need to keep them moving and security managers are able to feel reassured their site is as safe as it can be.

Cliq smart key-based access management

Cliq electronic and electromechanical intelligent locking is trusted to secure all kinds of locations, all over the world. Deploying Cliq programmable smart keys and cylinders minimizes the risks from lost or stolen mechanical credentials — and saves businesses the time and expense of changing locks.

Both the electromechanical Protec² Cliq and the fully electronic Ecliq devices offer a selection of over 60 cylinder and padlock types. These devices enable users to enhance physical security and increase resistance against attacks through a variety of wireless options suitable for almost any access point, even in the most challenging climates.

For maximum convenience, users carry one programmable key powered by a standard battery or equipped with battery-free energy-harvesting technology. All the energy needed to power a Cliq lock’s electronics is inside the user key. So, a Cliq system brings control and convenience without the expense and disruption of electrical cabling: All Protec² Cliq and Ecliq cylinders are wire-free to fit and simple to maintain.

A user’s personalised Cliq key can open not just authorised door locks, but also cabinets, rooftops, gates, vaults, windows and more. Cliq keys can be easily updated via wall, desk or portable programmers — or, with Cliq Connect Bluetooth-enabled smart keys, via the Cliq Connect app.

Whether integrated with C-Cure or deployed as a standalone solution, the Cliq Web Manager makes flexible smart key-based access management easy to deploy and straightforward to run.


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