Ability responds to market with new AI and turn-key innovations

Taipei, Taiwan

In response to the rapid technology advancement and market growth for IoT devices and edge AI computing, Ability has developed and launched a wide portfolio of AI-Eye, AI-Vue, and AI-Cube series of smart edge cameras with associated software framework and toolkit for the latest AI-enabled video and image applications.

Ability has been a global innovator in video camera devices and manufacturer on consumer digital still camera (DSC) and professional camera modules for automotive and healthcare for more than half a century.

The company's new smart cameras provide a cutting-edge and seamless edge-cloud collaborative computing platform for various applications in automotive, smart city and VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service).

Not only as a conventional EMS supplier for camera manufacturing service, Ability is also a turn-key service provider for the OEM and ODM camera business. With more than 30 years of camera manufacturing experience, Ability applies its experience in assisting and working with customers to bring their innovative solutions often from Proof of Concept prototypes to the level of significant commercial and manufacturing readiness.

It is not unusual for the company, for a customer to make the first approach with a brilliant idea from the lab, having been impressed and pleased with the turn-key service they received from Ability including camera platform design, application porting, optical system design, testing and verification, quality assurance, manufacturing, planning and logistics etc.

In addition, Ability also helps customers to obtain required certification and clearance including NDAA compliance for certain camera products on customer request. The multiple manufacturing sites in Taiwan, China and Vietnam provide Ability’s customers with the greatest logistics flexibility.


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