Ability extends mobility and auxiliary solar power on AI cameras


The newly upgraded ANPR AI Edge Cameras from Ability are offered as fully compliant to the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to be freely installed at any US government property.

The cameras include Dual Core ARM Cortex - A53 and an embedded Intel Movidius Myriad VPU for high-performance AI applications. With the Intel distribution of Openvino toolkit and the Ability proprietary AI framework, the AI application developers can easily and rapidly migrate their AI training models from the x86 development platform to the ANPR edge camera devices.

Ability’s proprietary AI framework SDK supports various APIs including Intel distribution of Openvino toolkit, Opencv! Cameracv! and Ability camera host API. The customised AI application can easily access the AI inference engine with the Ability AI framework. The 10X optical zoom lens and the 5-50 mm auto-focusing feature allow the ANPR smart cameras to be used in a variety of applications under different scenarios and distance requirements. The ANPR smart cameras also support a hybrid memory architecture with 4Gbit internal memory and 4Gbit external memory. The external memory storage allows image data to be stored temporarily on the device locally if the network is disconnected, and resume uploading to the cloud once the network connection is restored.

To overcome the challenges that fixed-line network and power supply infrastructure are often limited at remote installation sites for traffic monitoring and surveillance security applications, Ability has also announced that a 4G LTE+GPS cellular modem and a solar power panel are both available now as optional features for its full line-up of edge AI camera portfolio.

This 4G LTE+GPS cellular modem offers support for all 4G LTE bands around the world, so the camera can be used in any cornerof the world with 4G cellular network connectivity. As there is no need for the power line and physical ethernet connection, Ability cameras can be quickly and easily deployed with no extra cost or time. In addition to the cellular data communication over mobile network, the 4G LTE+GPS cellular modem also supports GNSS with GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS receiver. The GPS feature allows the camera to upload its unique identity and location to the backend platform for easier system management, which make them ideal for installations at construction site, private property, farming and agriculture, neighbourhood security, surveillance, transportation safety, etc.


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