3xlogic to show upgrades across portfolio at GSX

Fishers, In and Atanta, Ga (USA)

Visitors to the GSX show in Atlanta next week will be able to learn about the 3xlogic ecosystem of solutions and how it can be used by so many users across a wide array of vertical markets. As a leading provider of intelligent security technology, 3xlogic’s product ecosystem has been designed to help simplify the lives of customers and add value to any deployment.

Whether leveraging cloud- or server-based options, 3xlogic promises cost-effective security solutions that are easy to manage, simple to install, and scale with customers’ changing needs. The suite of solutions offers broad access control capabilities to conveniently secure and manage properties within a simple, intuitive browser-based user interface. End users can view, monitor, and report on any or all events and alarms, while also defining multiple security roles, access, and privileges for individual users. The powerful rules engine performs an impressive variety of functions as well.

Sweeping technology updates across the line-up

The company will be presenting updates across its portfolio of products. For example, designed for applications that require multiple angles of view that a standard camera cannot achieve, the new varifocal multi-imager camera contains four 5MP varifocal lenses that provide separate video streams and four options for viewing. In addition, 3xlogic All-in-One cameras now have increased storage options up to 1 Tb in total. This Visix All-in-One Series of cameras has onboard storage and can function as a standalone Vigil Server. 

And, now available in the Vigil Cloud platform, 360° IP fisheye cameras provide affordable, high-definition 100% coverage and the ability to digitally pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) to any location. Panoramic de-warping software achieves real-time viewing of an entire scene from a single camera.  The popular 3xlogic License Plate Capture (LPC) cameras have also had an upgrade to work on the Vigil Cloud platform, and offer powerful all-in-one functionality. These cameras offer all the features needed for nearly any application: motion detection, remote focus, license plate capture with post-event review, and easy installation in a multitude of locations.

Enhancements to Vigil Cloud Mobile App

Through its intuitive interface, the mobile app makes tasks like viewing video, case management, and viewing and reacting to notifications possible using gestures and movements common within many other mobile applications. With the mobile app, users can access Vigil Cloud from virtually anywhere, at any time, on their smartphone to quickly navigate through the solution’s most important features. The company also anticipates that the Vigil Cloud solution will soon be available in the UK.

Award-Winning Gunshot Detection Technology

Instead of microphones, infrared sensors, or complex analytics, 3xlogic’s self-contained device relies on affordable, simple concussive force recognition sensors to detect gunshots. Upon firing, a bullet creates a shockwave as it travels through the air. This shockwave creates a unique concussive force the device is able to detect – reducing the potential for false activations from other loud noises, and preparing staff to confront threats immediately. 3xlogic has recently introduced a Single Sensor Gunshot Detection option, which is ideal for smaller spaces like classrooms, conference rooms, or hallways.


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