Vivotek and Hyperion sow the seeds for the future with AGP

Omaha, Ne (USA) and Taipei, Taiwan

Working closely with Hyperion, AGP developed a total-surveillance system for the Algona facility that incorporated high quality components delivered at a cost effective price.

AGP’s search for the appropriate IP based video surveillance system led them to the Vivotek technology and Hyperion integrators

Ag Processing Inc (AGP) a cooperative organisation, probably has more experience than almost any other company in the procurement, processing, marketing, and transportation of oil seeds, grains, and related products. Since 1983, AGP has expanded not only through experience, but also via the extent of its vast network which now includes 172 cooperatives representing more than 250,000 farmers across the Mid West United States, and additional regional cooperatives in the US and in Canada. AGP also serves as the largest cooperative soya bean processing company in the world and is a leading provider of soya bean meal and refined vegetable oils. Despite this complex network, AGP’s mission is simple: help local producers earn more from their crops by linking them to markets around the globe.

Agriculture is an old business, but AGP knows that the old ways of doing things aren’t always the best. To continue its remarkable growth, AGP has always strived to find the latest techniques and technology in order to serve its producers and customers around the world. In 2012, AGP had to acknowledge that its old surveillance systems were no longer meeting the requirements of its growing business. Throughout many of AGP’s plants and facilities, analogue video systems were still being used- the time was ripe to update to a digital, IP based system that could be developed and installed across all of AGP’s many facilities. The acquisition of a new facility at Algona Iowa, presented an excellent opportunity to bring the surveillance system up to date, so AGP reached out to system integrators Hyperion, who set about looking for the best possible surveillance system to suit AGP’s needs.

AGP’s search for the appropriate IP based video surveillance system led them to the Vivotek brand. Working closely with Hyperion, AGP developed a total-surveillance system for the Algona facility that incorporated high quality components delivered at a cost effective price. With this first step, the seed of a long term business relationship had been planted. Since 2012, AGP has installed Vivotek IP surveillance systems across twelve of its facilities, including its corporate office in Nebraska, four facilities in Iowa, two in Texas, and more across Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and other locations. AGP, a cooperative that loves to see good things grow, now sees a future in which further Vivotek systems are added as opportunities arise.

Sandy Mason, Director of Labor Relations and Security for AGP, doesn’t mind spilling the beans about his appreciation for Vivotek: “With the help of Vivotek and Hyperion, AGP has been able to build and maintain an ever growing system which we are able to control from a centralised location. Vivotek Management, Sales and Tech services are very attentive to our concerns and needs and understand that each of our locations has diverse, specific requirements.”

Covering such a wide range of facilities across a network as large as AGP’s, requires an equally wide range of surveillance solutions. One of the factors that led AGP to work with Vivotek, was Vivotek’s diverse range of IP network cameras, which together allowed AGP to meet all of its surveillance needs. AGP has to date installed over 500 cameras across its facilities, and will continue to add further cameras. Cameras already installed include the SD8363E speed-dome network camera with 20x zoom and extreme weatherproofing; the SD8364E, with built in defog function; and the IP8362 network bullet camera with focus assist and WDR, allowing high quality and highly usable images even in difficult lighting conditions. Other models installed include the vandal-proof day and night fixed dome network camera FD8151V, and the low-profile, but-wide range fisheye FE8174 with 360 degree surround view and local dewarp to allow any section of an image to be viewed more naturally. Vivotek’s latest innovative and market leading IR fisheye FE8181 and FE8181V were also installed in this project. Both cameras are furnished with a removable IR-cut filter for day and night functionality, and a built-in 10 metre IR illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view, guaranteeing the image quality throughout the entire day. Several more cameras with superior image processing capabilities and WDR Pro technology were also adopted, such as the FD8137HV, FD8365EHV and IP8165HP.

AGP’s business is complicated. Its commitment to producers and customers around the world relies on the smooth cooperation of an enormous network of farmers and other cooperatives. In committing to upgrade its surveillance systems to the very latest technology, AGP needed to be sure that this wouldn’t require time consuming installation or complicated ongoing maintenance. Thankfully, Vivotek’s IP network camera systems are easy to install, and Vivotek’s after sales service ensured that AGP was able to concentrate on growing its own business. Mr. Mason praised this aspect of Vivotek’s service: “The biggest selling point Vivotek has, beyond its top-of-the-line-equipment, is its knowledgeable, service-oriented personnel who go above and beyond to insure we are happy with the product and that the product works as described. Vivotek has become a total IP surveillance company for AGP.” Mr. Mason went on to say: “Vivotek’s philosophy states integrity, care, and innovation. Vivotek lives up to that philosophy and they are the company I refer to before any other.” So now, the cooperative can concentrate on fulfilling its mission and serving its customers and producers, secure in the knowledge that Vivotek is there, working alongside AGP and helping it fulfill this mission."


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