Vanderbilt offers best practice advice for businesses to stay safe

Wiesbaden, Germany

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has presented a challenge to communities and businesses. As businesses start actively planning to open our places of work safely, Vanderbilt is providing its customers with smart and reliable strategies to help create a safer environment for staff and visitors.

The Vanderbilt team has explored best practices for protecting employees and visitors when they come to a building and some of the solutions that they suggest as Covid-19 secure solutions using their portfolio of products are outlined below as the team aims to help businesses create a safe environment.

Touchless access control devices

Minimize contact with touch-free access control devices like Bluetooth readers and touch-free exit buttons. Deploy new credentials with no physical unit, and authorised visitors can be emailed a QR code that will grant them access to the building in a hands-free way. All compatible with ACT365 and ACTpro.

Occupancy management for social distancing

Manage and audit occupancy levels to ensure social distancing. Automated people counting systems offer a method of counting and limiting access to certain areas. Operators can enable a maximum occupancy level to prevent overcrowding within a building or in an area.

Temperature and mask detection

Touchless biometric readers that will detect whether the temperature of an individual is below a threshold before the system grants access. The facial recognition devices can also check whether the person is wearing a mask before letting them enter in a room or building.

Contact traceability reporting

Contact traceability reports enable organisations to monitor areas or zones where an individual has either a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19. Users could then be sent a push notification, prompting them to get tested if they have encountered an infected person.

Real-time cleaning requirements

Provide alarms when thresholds are met to alert cleaning staff. A building supervisor can set thresholds on different areas in the building, to alert the cleaning staff when areas have reached the level when they need to re-cleansed.

Remote security management

The rise in staff working from home has increased even further since the Covid-19 lockdown was introduced, and it is therefore critical that security staff can maintain control and monitor their organisation’s security systems remotely.


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