12 winners of Detektor International Award were presented at Sectech

Stockholm, Sweden

The first prize winners at yesterday's Detektor International Award-ceremony in Stockholm: HID (Driss Merroun), Optex (Mark Cosgrave), Vourity (Hans Nottehed) and Vanderbilt (Daniel Persson).

The 21st Detektor International Awards prize ceremony took place in conjunction with the Sectech exhibition in Stockholm last night.

Twelve manufacturers were awarded and four of them were chosen as the overall winner in their respective product category: ID & Access Control, Alarm & Detection, Video Surveillance and IoT Security. All recipients of the Detektor International Award 2021 are presented below.

ID & Access Control

The overall winner 2021

Signo Biometric Reader 25B from HID (USA)
A biometric reader that captures fingerprint images from both the surface and the sub-surface of the skin. It provides the ability to read fingerprints of all types, including those that are hard-to-read where people have wet, dry, dirty, or worn fingerprints. It also prevents spoof attempts at leveraging fake fingers or latent fingerprints.
The Jury's motivation: “HID Global has once again developed a clearly winning concept through this performance-enhanced fingerprint authentication reader and its approach to access control in real-world environments.” 

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2021

Dormakaba Dkey from Dormakaba (Switzerland)
Idesco ID from Idesco (Finland)

are smart hybrid locks where the users choose whether they want to lock using their smart phone or with a regular key. In the lock housing, there is a battery-powered lock that communicates with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. In the app, the user can create, share, and manage digital keys and set up automatic unlocking.
The Jury's motivation: “Smooth, smart and customer oriented – Dormakaba dKey is a brilliant example of the company´s ability to create excellently designed products, based on true market demands.”

Idesco ID
is a service helping you to start using mobile phones as access cards in your access control system. It supports integrating mobile identification seamlessly to your own system and supports managing and sending mobile credentials to users' phones directly from your own system.
The Jury's motivation: "Idesco ID – allows customers to manage and send mobile credentials directly from their own access control systems to the users' phones. A solid contribution to the increasing use of mobile credentials in this technology field."

Video Surveillance

The overall winner 2021

Razberi Monitor from Vanderbilt (USA)
A cloud-based software platform that monitors and manages all the components of the system, like servers, storage, cameras, and other networked security devices – for both cyber security and system health. It provides proactive protection as early warning can be issued if something is not right in the security system.
The Jury's motivation: "This cloud-based software solution for monitoring and managing all components of a security system is a true game changer. It proves Vanderbilt’s outstanding capacity to transform market demands into superior real-life solutions."

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2021

S74 – from Mobotix (Germany)
Axis Q6315-LE from Axis Communications (Sweden)

S74 is an AI-supported IoT camera that has four modules which means that optical, thermal, and other functional sensors can be combined in the same camera. The modules are equipped with cables that are up to three metres long and can be connected simultaneously in several directions, around corners or in different rooms – indoors and outdoors.
The Jury's motivation: "With this AI-supported IoT camera – offering optical, thermal and other functional sensors to be combined in one single unit – Mobotix shows its remarkable capability to respond to important market demands."

Axis Q6315-LE is a high-speed PTZ camera with 31x optical zoom, laser focus that offers OptimizedIR up to 250 metres as well as Lightfinder 2.0 for clear, sharp overviews and excellent details in demanding light conditions, like in parks. And Axis Object Analytics lets you detect and classify humans and vehicles.
The Jury's motivation: “This intelligent and feature-rich PTZ camera of absolute world class emphasises once again Axis' important role as an innovator in the security industry.” 

IoT Security Products

The overall winner 2021

Vourity POS 3 – from Vourity (Sweden)
An "all-in-one" Point of Service terminal for, for example, unmanned sales, payment, access control and booking. It is certified for payment with standard credit cards and handles mobile payment methods, is cloud-based, open and customisable with standardised hardware that downloads software modules based on the customer's needs.
The Jury's motivation: "This open cloud-based, scalable and user-friendly Point of Service terminal is a perfect match for today’s need for processing unmanned sales, payments, access control and booking. Absolutely a winning response to the market ́s demand for ROI in security investments."

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2021

Addsecure Inside from Addsecure (Sweden)
Inteox – from Bosch Security (Germany)

Addsecure Inside provides alarm transmission directly from control panel into Addsecure infrastructure, which saves time and money by reducing the need for software and on-site service. It offers single path IP connection from panel ETH-port and single path 4G and dual path connection via panel manufacturer 4G module or integrated terminal.
The Jury's motivation: "This solution for secure monitored alarm transmission and critical IoT communication brings the security industry to a new level and confirms Addsecure’s importance as a pioneering force on the market."

Inteox is an open camera platform that combines built-in intelligent video analytics from Bosch with excellent performance. With a commonly used open operating system, app developers, system integrators and other partners are given the opportunity to take advantage of the built-in intelligence and capacity by easily being able to develop customer specific apps.
The Jury's motivation: ”By creating this open camera platform with built-in intelligent video analytics, Bosch Security has once again confirmed and strengthened its market leading role in the video surveillance industry.”

Alarm & Detection

The overall winner 2021

Redscan Pro Lidar from Optex (Japan)
A laser detection sensor for smart perimeter surveillance of large areas. It offers accurate intruder detection to a range of 50m x 100m and creates rectangular as opposed to circular (fan-shaped) detection patterns and there are no unnecessary overlaps, providing great coverage for virtual wall applications such as façade and fence protection, and for virtual planes to cover open areas, ceilings and roofs.
The Jury's motivation“With this impressive laser detection sensor, Optex has created a clearly winning concept and truly strengthened its position as an innovation leader in the security industry.”

The Innovative Achievement Awards 2021

Maxpro Intrusion from Honeywell Security (USA)
Flir A500f /A700f from Teledyne Flir (USA)

Maxpro Intrusion is a cloud integrated intrusion and access control system solution that provides a unique multi-site experience through intuitive user interfaces, both physical and software. It is integrated internally with access control and with video surveillance via the cloud. Two-way communication 24/7 is standard and it is at the absolute forefront in terms of cyber security.
The Jury's motivation:  ”Honeywell Security shows solid commitment to the cloud concept with this impressive, integrated, scalable and flexible security system solution.”

Flir A500f and A700f ruggedised thermal cameras feature high-temperature detection for extreme environments paired with on-camera analytics and alarm capabilities ideal for industrial early fire detection or outdoor condition monitoring applications. They offer thermal imaging capability with a resolution of 464 x 348 and 640 x 480 pixels and can quickly identify heat anomalies
The Jury's motivation"These intelligent ruggedised thermal cameras – offering high-temperature detection for extreme environments – take advanced surveillance to new heights and demonstrate Teledyne Flir’s brilliance in developing useful and important security solutions."


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