Suprema unveils latest 3rd-generation portfolio at Intersec

Seoul, Korea

At Intersec, Suprema demonstrated its active participation in protecting the environment.

Suprema recently participated at Intersec, the largest security exhibition in the Middle East and held in Dubai earlier this week. At the event, Suprema shared a showcase of its third-generation access control portfolio, which focuses on contactless solutions with the latest market demands for the post Covid era.

This year, Suprema will offer the global contactless security market its new ‘Biostation 3’, the highly anticipated upcoming addition to its third-generation facial recognition lineup of security solutions. Biostation 3 includes improved features reflecting the needs of operators, installers, and end-users and provides higher accuracy, faster recognition speed and a lower false acceptance rate (FAR) even with faces covered with masks of various shapes and colours. It also includes support for multiple credential options including not only facial recognition, but also mobile access cards, QR codes and barcodes, which provides higher security while also increasing customer convenience.

At Intersec, Suprema also demonstrated its active participation in protecting the environment. The booth, designed around the theme of eco-friendliness and encompassing Suprema’s biometric recognition and mobile access control solutions, illustrated that contactless access control can solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic RFID cards. In 2021, the CO2 emissions resulting from decomposing plastic waste was 1.8 billion metric tons, which is equal to the total CO2 emissions of 900 thermal power plants. Suprema’s mobile access solutions allow users to gain contactless access authentication via the Bluetooth or NFC capabilities of smartphones. This makes it possible to stop, what it terms as, "the reckless issuance of plastic RFID cards", leading to reduced environmental pollution and operational expenses, along with higher security by preventing false access when a card is stolen or lost.

“Biostation 3, being the first release in Suprema’s third generation product lineup, is expected to offer an enhanced experience for operators, installers and end-users. Moreover, Suprema will continue to play its part in environmental protection by minimizing pollution caused by plastic access cards through emphasizing the advantages of using biometric and mobile access solutions,” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim. “Suprema has proudly retained the largest market share of biometrics in access control in Europe, Middle East and Africa region ahead of all other large-scale global security companies. Through this event in Dubai, Suprema will further drive our leading position in the global security market and demonstrate our technical superiority and vision for future business."


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