Suprema shares vision for 2022 at partner summit

Seoul, Korea

Suprema, a global leader in access control and biometric solutions, recently hosted its virtual ‘2022 Global Partner Summit’ event for partners from more than 80 countries worldwide. At the event, Suprema announced its business strategy for 2022, including a strong focus on Biostar2 access control platform, AI-based facial recognition, and mobile access solutions.

Over the past year, Suprema maintained its leading position in the rapidly changing access control security market. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, contactless innovations have become a big trend. This has led to dramatically increased market interest in Suprema’s AI-based facial recognition products, leading to many new commercial references around the world, including Nomura Real Estate Development in Japan, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, and Samsung Electronics in South Korea. Suprema declared its compound annual growth rate of facial recognition in access control from 2018 to 2021 was close to three times the industry average reported by Omdia.

In 2022, Suprema plans to increase its global market share with the launch of a new facial recognition product and is preparing to update its integrated security platform, Biostar 2, to enhance its scalability and flexibility by adding a variety of credential options and cloud-based services. Moreover, Suprema plans to expand its investments into mobile access solutions, an emerging technology supporting contactless access control.

MOCA System is Suprema's in-house venture that focuses on the mobile solution business. Annouced as being a "first in the industry", MOCA System launched its cloud-based mobile access control services called ‘Airfob Space’ and ‘Airfob Patch’. By attaching a small device to existing RF card readers, they become compatible with credentials stored in mobile devices. There are more than one hundred thousand activated Airfob mobile credentials. By the end of this year, the number is expected to reach 10 million monthly active users(MAU) through extensive investment in R&D and aggressive marketing. 

“Suprema and our partners have made a breakthrough during the Covid-19 pandemic by responding to the needs of the market with advanced technology and innovation.” said Hanchul Kim, CEO, Suprema Inc. “This year, Suprema will continue to closely cooperate with partners and focus our business on the most rapidly growing areas of the access control security market. With our upcoming facial recognition solution, Suprema will also lead the fast-growing global facial recognition market.”


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