Sielox urges system "Spring Clean" up to improve performance

Runnemede, NJ (USA)

Sielox, an established industry leader in layered access control solutions, is encouraging access control administrators to take on the spring cleaning of their access control system data by using the System Clean Up Utility feature available with the Sielox Pinnacle 11.0 Access Control Platform.

The System Clean Up Utility feature effectively enables a swift and thorough cleanup of invalid or outdated access control data, resulting in enhanced system management and security.

“Now is the perfect time for access control systems to undergo a spring cleaning of their own,” said Karen Evans, President, Sielox. “Pinnacle saves valuable time and resources in this effort, bringing potential access control risks to the forefront and allowing for enhanced system security.”

By utilising Pinnacle’s System Clean Up Utility feature, system administrators can efficiently address neglected or overlooked access data such as expired cardholders, duplicate access levels, and inactive cardholders. This kind of inactive and outdated data compounds over time, threatening organizations with incidents caused by limitations in managing the continually changing state access rights within an access control system. Pinnacle’s proactive approach in removing such data promotes higher levels of security across the enterprise by mitigating risks and preventing insider threats.

Within the Pinnacle Access Control Platform, there are 8 tests that can be selected from the System Cleanup Utility that identify risky access data, including unused access levels, duplicate access levels, inactive cardholders, and more. Running these tests allows administrators to identify associated criteria and provide immediate, remedial action.

The Sielox Pinnacle Access Control Platform already offers hundreds of user-selectable filters to provide real-time data on virtually every aspect of access activity and system status, effectively transforming traditional proactive access control deployments into pre-emptive solutions for myriad physical security and business intelligence applications. Current Pinnacle platform users already have access to the System Cleanup Utility feature at no added cost to them.

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