SDS receives 7th patent for gunshot detection technology

Rowley, Ma (USA)

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an company, has been issued with its seventh patent for the company's gunshot detection technology, Patent No. US 11,417,183 titled Cable-Free Gunshot Detection from the USPTO.

The patent describes the application of indoor gunshot detection sensors that use a cable-free device powered by a battery. The foundational concepts and designs in this patent are currently offered by SDS as their Guardian Wireless product, a dual mode acoustic and infrared gunshot detection sensor that has been on the market since 2019. This patent builds on earlier SDS patents, specifically US 10,657,800 B1 titled Gunshot Detection Within an Indoor Environment, which focused on techniques for privacy-centric gunshot detection in an indoor environment utilising two-factor authentication. The Guardian Wireless product has allowed SDS to achieve commercial success by meeting its goal of lowering overall customer costs by as much as 40-60 percent via reductions in overall project infrastructure costs.

Unlike some manufacturers whose patents do not directly relate to gunshot detection sensor technology, or focus only on single-factor acoustic detection, SDS believes its patent portfolio reflects its long-term dedication to advancing the technical state of the art while delivering highly reliable, cost-effective solutions to the market. Additional technical advances developed by SDS and described in the new patent include high-level ambient lighting filtering in complex lighting environments, and advanced data processing techniques in the cable-free sensor to improve processing speeds and battery life.

“SDS works tirelessly to give our customers the most accurate, value-driven solution on the market today,” said Richard Onofrio, SDS’ Managing Director, member of the sensor design team and co-author of the patent with Ronald Fowler, Chief Technology Officer for SDS. “I am extremely proud of our entire engineering team. A strong patent portfolio demonstrates unequivocally to experts, clients, and investors that SDS is the industry leader in this domain.”

“Not all technical advances are patentable,” added Ronald Fowler. “The innovations that our team has made clearly deserve the attention and recognition that comes when a US patent is awarded.”

This patent marks the seventh gunshot detection patent owned by SDS, following its 2020 patent for techniques for indoor gunshot sensor testing.


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