RTS focuses on railway power solutions at Secutech

Taipei, Taiwan

Power Tech Group, a leading company well-known in the field of electric power, has played a major role in providing power generation systems for railway stations since 2001. The firm is also the parent company of RT Stream International, and Atenco Power Tech.

At the Secutech 2022 show, which took place in April in Taipei, Taiwan, the Power Tech Group and RT Stream joined forces to showcase the combination of railway technology and mobile emergency response systems.

Rail transit (Railway, high-speed rail, and rapid transit) is at the forefront its business. Today however, obtaining and maintaining power supply along the railway lines from station to station can be difficult, due to insufficient senior engineers and lack of cultivation of quality employees. In order to overcome the obstacles of limited quality manpower resources, RTS's mobile emergency response system can be applied in this field of business to alleviate the challenges. The RTS system supports the supervisors to interactively communicate with multiple on-site personnel in real time at remote centres. Especially, under the Covid pandemic, this way also opens up an ideal application pattern for industrial manufacturing sites.

At the Secutech show RTS teamed up to showcase 4 application themes for Rail Transit as follows:

Remote intelligent maintenance

This solution provides the vision of the on-site personnel in real time on screens. Supervisors at the centre can give professional guidance remotely if required, in order to guide the young on-site employees and solve problems step-by-step. This helps to fulfill the mission of task guidance, site monitoring, and on-site maintenance personnel cultivation. Simultaneously, the system will greatly improve the efficiency of inspection, protection of labour safety/rights/interests, and accident reduction.

Remote intelligent inspection

Remote intelligent inspection technology can ensure the safety of inspectors on power base stations, rails, and vehicles. It can also improve inspection efficiency and protect worker safety.

Remote Smart security

The RTS mobile system is able to instantly show track intrusion, level crossing intrusion, slope slippage, etc., and allows users to take immediate precautions to ensure driving safety.

Remote intelligent fire protection

RTS system may also help disaster relief in times when prompt rescue and protection measures are needed to avoid accidents.

RT Stream International, is focusing on the development of wearable 4G mobile audio-video-alarm devices (4G body worn cameras), and has taken a leading position in mobile and body-worn applications as well as in the field of mobile emergency management control (EMC). The company targets users in the military, police, fire-fighting, security, guarding industries, and also applications in various high-tech industries, traditional industries, and power rooms.


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