Quanergy unveils new business model

San Jose, Ca (USA)

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Quanergy Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of 3D Lidar security solutions, is charting a new course in the enterprise physical security marketplace with the unveiling of a new business model and value proposition that reflects the vision of company CEO, Enzo Signore.

“Quanergy was founded on the belief that security needs to be more intelligent, more accurate and more proactive to serve its purpose in today’s dynamic environments”, said Signore. “We’ve raised the bar by setting new benchmarks for event detection, classification and tracking to see beyond what currently exists, and reach for what could be, and frankly should be, the new security technology imperative.”

Today’s security systems, according to Quanergy, often rely on 2D sensors that are insufficient to fully monitor a 3D world, generate too many false alarms, and cannot effectively operate in darkness when the majority of crimes are committed. Moreover, many systems today are designed primarily as forensic tools to support security operations after a crime has already been committed.

To truly help protect critical infrastructures—like data centres, utilities and airports—we need to detect, with near-perfect accuracy, the presence of an intruder and dispatch guards to the exact location to prevent a crime—before it happens.

Quanergy offers to solve these challenges by offering a groundbreaking 3D Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) solution that allows users to see beyond the ordinary by providing accurate real-time data, empowering countless security and business intelligence applications to heighten situational awareness and enable immediate proactive remediation. Quanergy’s solution helps combat alarm fatigue by dramatically reducing costly false alarms and brings the operators’ attention to what really matters most by focusing on real threats. It enables proactive crime prevention, faster response time, day and night. Due to its sensor fusion technology, the solution is able to continuously track perpetrators through a large perimeter even if the terrain is uneven and has a lot of obstacles. The solution also adheres to privacy laws since it does not capture any PII.

To ensure ease of deployment, the solution seamlessly integrates with over 40 existing VMSs, PSIMs, and ONVIF cameras, and analytics platforms to supplement existing systems with near-perfect accuracy. Lastly, the solution offers industry leading low total cost of ownership (TCO) per square foot.

Mark Heintzman, Head of Technical Partnerships, Hanwha Vision, said: “Quanergy has a very strong, unique solution in the market. The way Quanergy uses Lidar works well for perimeter detection, and they use 360-degree beacons, so you’re not constrained to a 2D situation or space. It provides a true understanding of where objects are around the facilities, and that reduces the false alarms and noise of traditional systems. When we get an alarm, we know it’s a true alarm. We have only scratched the surface of the ways we can use Quanergy’s solutions.”


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